Off to Work
November 4, 2015, 5:33 am
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Down the lane we go

Down the lane we go

November 4, 2015

Why is it that on days when we have to go to work, we all move at a snails pace? I even see it in the horses. As we leave the barn and drive off towards a job, they walk very slowly. When we are pulling logs out of the woods, the trip out to the landing is fairly quick. Once we drop the logs and head back into the woods, they plod along agonizingly slow. It used to make me tense, but now older and wiser, I just enjoy the trip 😮

I too move like a slug on days that take me off the farm to my job in town. I usually jump out of bed, grab a quick bite of food and tackle the day at hand. But oh those “work” days away from the farm…. The alarm clock sounds like an argument. My food goes down slow as if I didn’t chew it. I poke around changing clothes. I practically run as I do my chores, feeding the animals on the fly. Then back at the house for a shower and change of clothes, it seems as if the clock is jumping time.

It feels as if I am always running behind. I really hate leaving here…I poke along so dang slow, a snowman could out run me. I know that I have to go, for a few more years anyway, but I will not ever like it. I now understand the horses point of view. In fact I think they snicker as they watch me drive off down the road. I will say though, they are very glad to see me when I get back home, only Cinch my dog, is happier to see me. It is a great reunion…me and my dog shaking our tails and expressing just how happy we are to be home, the horses waiting by the gate for me …or maybe its just the oats?

I’d like to write more, but I have to go…off to work.