Autumn Bounty
November 3, 2020, 1:12 pm
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November 3, 2020

Autumn brings much bounty. The last of the harvest is gathered. I accidently tripped the breaker on our freezer, causing some chicken parts to thaw. We spent a day cooking chicken and making broth. The shredded chicken will be nice too, but I am sure that it wasn’t on my wife’s agenda for that day. Oops!

Our apple order came in last week. We are busy getting them put up. The eating part is wonderful, but I look forward to pies and applesauce. It makes for a few long days in the kitchen, but it is well worth it! I pitch in quite a bit. My wife even praises me, telling me she wonders how she ever got along without me…telling her how to do everything!

A few jars of pie filling hot off the stove

The deer are starting to move, as their breeding time is here. Hunting season is in full swing for archery. Hunters are bagging a few. We haven’t been out much, but we hope to get some venison for the freezer this fall.

We had a skiff of snow on the ground yesterday. My great grandpa called it “squaw winter” and now we should get some very nice “Indian summer” days. The days for putting the lawn and porch furniture away, rolling up hoses and tipping unused water troughs over. All in preparation for the coming winter.

We have had a very rainy period. We got 7.25 inches of rain in 15 days. We are wet now for sure. I am glad to have our fall harvest all in. The blessings abound and for that we are thankful.

Digging Deep
September 23, 2014, 7:15 pm
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One of the fields plowed for Speltz

One of the fields plowed for Speltz

September 23, 2014

Well, after several days of missing some sleep and battling a sore back, I have eight acres plowed for planting speltz. I worked at it until it was completed. My son Jake gave me a few hours of his time too. The week ahead looks good for working ground, so hopefully I will have it ready to plant by the weekend. A twelve hour schedule doesn’t allow for too much other stuff, unless you miss a meal or sleep. Those who know me know that I choose to miss sleep. 😮

The dirt was too wet to work today, so I worked from my list. I ran a few errands, visited a sick uncle and helped my wife with the canning of apple pie filling. I do the heavy work. She does the tedious part. I still think I have the better part of that job!

Yesterday, we put doors on my machinery shed. I have waited a long time for those doors. I bought the material, then traded labor with a friend who built the doors. My shed is now much more usable, weather tight and even looks good!

Chores are almost all done and several items got checked off my list. It pays to dig deep now and then. I hope I can continue to find that push, as I work like a “beaver” to get those speltz in the ground!