Autumn Bounty
November 3, 2020, 1:12 pm
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November 3, 2020

Autumn brings much bounty. The last of the harvest is gathered. I accidently tripped the breaker on our freezer, causing some chicken parts to thaw. We spent a day cooking chicken and making broth. The shredded chicken will be nice too, but I am sure that it wasn’t on my wife’s agenda for that day. Oops!

Our apple order came in last week. We are busy getting them put up. The eating part is wonderful, but I look forward to pies and applesauce. It makes for a few long days in the kitchen, but it is well worth it! I pitch in quite a bit. My wife even praises me, telling me she wonders how she ever got along without me…telling her how to do everything!

A few jars of pie filling hot off the stove

The deer are starting to move, as their breeding time is here. Hunting season is in full swing for archery. Hunters are bagging a few. We haven’t been out much, but we hope to get some venison for the freezer this fall.

We had a skiff of snow on the ground yesterday. My great grandpa called it “squaw winter” and now we should get some very nice “Indian summer” days. The days for putting the lawn and porch furniture away, rolling up hoses and tipping unused water troughs over. All in preparation for the coming winter.

We have had a very rainy period. We got 7.25 inches of rain in 15 days. We are wet now for sure. I am glad to have our fall harvest all in. The blessings abound and for that we are thankful.

Nature’s Bounty


August 31, 2017

Where did summer go? This last day of August, I am pleased to have plenty of grass left in our pastures. The cattle and all of the farm’s livestock are looking great. Now, we are getting another nice bonus as we share in Nature’s Bounty. Wild apple trees are dropping their fruit. The cattle love the sweet treats. Our dairy steer in the picture above seems to delight in eating them.

When I was a boy, the old farmer that I worked for thought apples would make his cows choke. So, we cut every wild apple tree we saw. It has been my experience that the livestock, as well as, the wild animals benefit from this wild fruit. I think there are enough nice apples to make applesauce or cider for us. The trees could be trimmed to enhance the fruit, making them grow bigger and easier to peel. Sounds like a great idea, especially by selecting the trees with the best tasting fruit.

The hickory nuts are dropping in the woods as well. I have one wooded pasture where the hickory trees are plentiful. There are apple trees there as well. My sow herd really enjoys spending a couple of weeks in that pasture. They munch on clover, nuts and apples, barely eating the corn I give them for those two weeks. There is much to be said about farming “with” nature instead of trying to fight “against” her. She is the boss and when you respect her, the bounty abounds.

An Apple a Day
November 3, 2013, 8:02 pm
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A sample of our handiwork

A sample of our handiwork

November 3, 2013

   When I was a kid, we had an orchard and I had an awesome mom! The trees belonged to our landlord, but we could have as many as we wanted. Nobody ever trimmed the trees or sprayed them. They just grew all by themselves. There were twenty-two of them … I know, because I had to push mow around them 😮

   In the fall we would pick up the apples. The bad ones went over the fence to the cows. We made cider, apple pie, applesauce, apple jelly and apple butter, with many of the rest of them. I did more eating than making, but I sure did love those apples. I swear, everyday upon getting home from school…there was always apple crisp to eat!

   I miss that old orchard and all of mom’s sweet treats. My wife understands my appreciation for the apple and takes very good care of me. I eat apples all year-long. We can applesauce and apple pie filling, freeze some cider for cold winter nights and hot summer days. Cider is awesome both hot and cold!

   Over the past couple of days we canned our applesauce. It went very well. All of the jars sealed and the mess seemed to me like it was small. I scrubbed the roaster pans, hauled empty jars up and full jars down to the pantry and helped everywhere that I could. Like any job, teamwork makes it go much better. I am pleased that this job is behind us, but even more pleased that we have the yummy jars to eat all winter and until next apple season.

   My cousin and I learned to take a springy stick about two feet long, stick an apple on the end, and launch those suckers into space! Man they went far…and oh did it hurt when we would throw them at each other. Those sticks were not toys, they were weapons of war! We survived it I guess and I still love apples, so our mischief had no lasting effects.

    They say that,” An apple a day helps keep the doctor away.” I am not sure that statement is totally true. I know that apples are healthy but I think it’s all the love that grammas, moms and wives put in, that holds the true benefit 😮