Autumn is in the Air
October 20, 2016, 9:20 pm
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October 20,2016

This evening while doing chores, I had to wear a jacket. The rain was a fine mist, almost snow like. It was just windy enough to be cold. I pulled my jacket closed against the wind and looked at the sights around me. The woods was beautiful tonight. The slick colorful leaves shimmered in the fading light, as I stepped into the horse barn. The warmth and light made me smile. Autumn is in the air for sure, but peace filled my heart.

The horses spent this cold rainy day indoors. I had planned to give them haircuts after supper, but my plans changed. I busied myself with all sorts of rainy day projects until the day was gone. Doing chores at dark, I realized just how much beauty surrounds us here on the farm. I almost forgot to notice. I stood in the mist for a minute or two longer than I needed to, just to savor the beauty laid out before me…it was breathtaking.

The last of the year’s jobs are almost complete. I need to pick the animal corn and split a few loads of firewood. The speltz are coming up. The field is turning green against a colorful backdrop. I have a few pieces of machinery to clean and put away for the season. As my farm year winds down, I feel very good about what I have accomplished so far. The autumn leaves are almost like fireworks signalling the end of something great…but not the end, just a pause to rest.





The Color of Autumn
October 13, 2015, 8:02 am
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Hoss, grabs a snack

Hoss, grabs a snack

October 13, 2015

As I prepare for winter, sometimes I get so busy that I forget to look around at the trees all dressed in their autumn splendor. Yesterday, we had a beautiful day. The sun was warm and bright. The green grass, revived by recent rains, is beautiful. The trees are almost dripping with color and the sky is a beautiful blue. I had to pause for a few minutes, just to savor the view.

Farmers around me are very busy with their fall harvest. Soy beans are being harvested as is corn and even grass for forage. I stood by the fence and watched as my animals harvest their own fall food. The lambs and steers are growing nice and fat on the lush late season grasses. The sows are enjoying wild apples and hickory nuts along with juicy clover, not to mention plump ears of corn, as they too prepare for winter.

I will have to feed hay and grain soon, but for now the animals are getting their own food. I don’t have to spend the time or fuel chasing around the farm for a few mouthfuls of grass. They animals do it themselves and they eat everything in the nooks and crannies too. They are efficient grazers who also spread their own manure as they go 😮

I will continue to store equipment and restore a sense of order on my farm. The animals will fill their bellies without much help from me. The farm will be harvested, the animals fattened and nourished as I go about my business. I simply need to keep water tanks filled, pastures rotated and momma pigs looked after. The horses and I continue to gather firewood as we all enjoy the cool, colorful days of autumn.

Soon, the cold wet, rainy days of late fall, will bring down the leaves and mud will also be present. The cold will penetrate a jacket and all of us critters will find warm places to huddle. I know those days are coming, but for now we will all enjoy the fleeting warm sunny days that nature is providing. It is important to look around, linger a little as I go about the business of animal husbandry and enjoy the color of autumn.

Fall…ing Behind
October 1, 2014, 3:30 pm
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Knight,Hoss and Duke enjoy a nice afternoon

Knight,Hoss and Duke enjoy a nice afternoon

October 1, 2014

Wow, it is October already! After a very long month that was September 2014, I am about to enjoy some needed time off from work. The extra shifts are winding down and I am very ready. I missed almost all of those wonderful dry, late September days we just had. Sadly, my speltz are not planted yet, but much of the prep work is done. Looks like a rainy period coming, so I hope to get the seeds in the ground in the next day or so.

Even with lots of extra shifts under my belt, I am pretty much caught up, but without deep drive, I could easily “Fall” behind as autumn closes in. The corn is ripening and the sow herd is enjoying falling nuts and crabapples, along with their grain. I think they enjoy the woodland pasture and fresh air as much as the feed 😮

The leaves on the trees are starting to turn and the chill is in the air. Apple cider and hot tea are my favorite drinks this time of year. Very soon it will be flannel shirt and soup time, talk about the comforts of home…that is it for me! Autumn horse sales are starting and I am resisting…I do not need more horses. (repeat several times a day!)

Folks all around are cutting corn and making silage as the harvest is underway. I will be picking my corn, so I will wait awhile for it to dry down more. Work is everywhere that I look, but so is the beauty of autumn. I vow to stay busy, but take some time to enjoy life as I go and nothing stirs me like fall foliage…unless it is the beauty of SNOW …and that will be here soon too!