November 13, 2016, 3:28 pm
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November 13, 2016

This cow calved yesterday afternoon. The calf is a little girl. This mom saved her own life. Last year she apparently got missed by the bull. So she didn’t have a calf. Most farmers would have culled her last year. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and waited for this year. Her date with “freezer camp” was coming up fast. She absolutely had to have a calf by December 20th. According to my calculations, that day would have been the last possible date for her gestation.

Thanks to having plenty of feed and lots of patience, we now have a new baby girl. There is one more potential mom in that same boat. She too is looking very close to calving, so I think they both have redeemed themselves. I am still not sure what happened. Our bull was very handsome. There were plenty of moonlit nights. Small hamlets in the back pasture abound…so I am not sure why these two females played so hard to get?

I have seen this happen on our farm before. What I mean is, I have seen animals redeem themselves at the last minute. My draft horse Duke was all but loaded in the trailer headed out of here. I decided to use him on one last job. He stepped up and preformed at a level that not only surprised me…it saved his happy home. He has gone on to become a very important part of my farming operation.

I don’t know if it is my patience, my easy going nature or perhaps my belief in others, that allows me to give things “one more try”. I will say, that when you believe in someone, it makes great things happen. Believing in someone opens doors and helps a person grow. The confidence they acquire moves them forward and helps them accomplish tasks at an unknown level. This power of self confidence promotes growth and learning. Redemption is not only good for farm animals, it is good for us humans too!

Baby It’s Cold Outside
November 18, 2014, 9:25 pm
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What a birthday!

What a birthday!

November 18, 2014

After a very cold night, it stayed a very cold day! This little heifer calf was born three days ago. I am sure she is wondering what the heck happened. Three days ago she was in a temperature of 101 degrees. This morning it was 8 above zero F. She spent the night with the cow herd under the protection of our barns overhang. She woke this morning ready to play with the other calves, like most children, paying no attention to the cold.

I worked all day making sure things were ready for the winter that has descended upon us with a vengeance. I added bedding to the little pig’s pen. I cleaned the horse barn twice. The first cleaning was like shoveling marbles. The roadapples were frozen ankle twisters, much better in the compost pile than underfoot. The gilt’s pen was okay. The big girls know to make a nest and snuggle into it with┬átheir roommates. The little pigs are learning fast and were even covering up after chores tonight.

Lake effect snow is forecast for tonight, but it looks like most of the white stuff will stay north. The cold however, is here to stay, at least for a while. The cow’s stable is fluffy and dry. They just lie and chew their cud, content to be waiting the storm out. I guess I will just be patient too. My work will wait for better days. After all, I can work in 8 degrees in January, but in November…. I’m a wimp!

The three amigos

The three amigos