What a beautiful sight
May 25, 2016, 7:35 am
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orel feeder

May 24, 2016

Yesterday, while plowing….and I use that term loosely, it was more like making loose dirt than anything organized, I saw a Baltimore oriole. They are beautiful birds! He was hanging out near the hummingbird feeder. I was taken by his black and orange feathers. My wife rigged up this feeder. I don’t know if we will see him again, but I sure hope so.

I finished the plowing marathon at just after nine last night. I crashed into a heap from the effects of too many night shifts in a row, followed by riding a bucking tractor all day. Speaking of bucking tractors, Discing that field will be a rough job. The waves of dirt look more like snow drifts than the usual flipped over sod found when the ground has been plowed with horses.

I look forward to the time when horses do 98% of the work around here. I would rather use them than tractors any day of the week. They are quieter. They do a better job in almost every regard. They are easy on my land and they make my heart sing. I will push forward today, scrambling to beat the rain. One more day of grumbling, but progress can be seen.

Hopefully in a week, the little corn plants will be breaking through the soil. I will be engaged in some sort of work with the horses and the orioles will grace our feeder. I hope they find a place to nest and stick around. They sure do brighten the landscape.