The Eye of the Beholder
October 3, 2015, 12:53 pm
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October 3, 2015

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. I guess that is true, because each person has their own idea of beauty. I see my horses head, the honesty in his eye, the trust in his demeanor and I am overcome by his beauty.I have owned this guy since he was just a few weeks old. He and I are friends. I take good care of him. He in turn will do almost anything that I ask.

Two summers ago, Knight walked into the roof of one of my pasture pig shelters. (I have since made design changes and keep horses and sheds far apart) The edge of the roof cut my buddy right across his chest. He had a gaping wound eight inches across. It was gapped open enough that my whole fist would fit into the cut. He acted as if he didn’t feel a thing. I, on the other hand, was scared to death.

We made an emergency trip to the veterinarian’s office. They told me the surgery needs would be much easier to do there, than here on the farm. We sped over to the vet’s place. Upon arriving, we found the restraint pen the vet had was way to small for my very large friend. The vet was a bit worried about the procedure and the lack of ability to restrain the animal. I reassured the vet that all would be well, as long as I was at the horse’s head.

I put him in the pipe stall. It was wide enough, just way too short. I calmed Knight with my voice and hand. The vet numbed the cut with several shots. My horse’s eye got a little big. The white showed for just a second or two, but he did not move. He kept his eyes locked on me. At times he would put his muzzle on my shoulder, but he did not make a fuss of any kind. I talked to him softly, just as I have any time some “monster” scares him like a tarp, plastic bag or child in a nylon snowsuit. He stood still, waiting on me to tell him what to do next. My veterinarian remarked, “That horse really trusts you. I can’t hardly believe what I am seeing.”

The vet finished in about an hour. Two drains were installed in his cut and many stitches to close the wound. It was an ugly thing to see, but much better than the bloody, gaping wound it had once been. I began daily care of that awful wound. The care lasted more than three months. Wound dressing, rest, daily bathing of the area and a whole lot of praise and it healed. It healed to the point that there are just a few white hairs to show the scar, no bump, no indent, just those white hairs. I am so very pleased, it is hard to describe.

Knight and I have always been close, but our bonding over his wound is like no other. He comes to me wherever I am. He listens to me anytime and he stays calm always. Calm is a great thing for an animal this large and powerful. It is not only a great thing….it is a beautiful thing 😮

The Beauty That Surrounds Us
July 13, 2015, 8:54 am
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our garden border in full bloom

our garden border in full bloom

July 13, 2015

Despite all the rain that has caused much delay in dry hay making, the farm is beautiful! The pastures and hay fields are in full bloom. Bees and hummingbirds are flitting everywhere gathering nectar. The blue birds and martins are nurturing babies and teaching fledglings to fly. Everything is lush and green except the ripening grain and that is a beautiful golden brown. It is simply a breath-taking sight at least for this farmer 😮

Our garden, late planted and stalled by all the rain is really starting to produce. The squash, onions, cukes and raspberries are in high gear. The swiss chard has been wonderful and now spinach is ready for the first harvest. Our green beans are showing the first sign of blossoming while carrots nearby are showing strong tops of lush feathery green. Hot peppers are ready to pick while the rhubarb and strawberries are fading fast.

The lawn is staying green and still needs mowed about every fourth day. This is good because I sure don’t want to have a day without something to do! The best part of all, is that our flower beds are in full bloom. Most of our flowers are perennials. They take a while to get big and strong, but what a show they make! Growing them is a very good thing to do.

What is it about Fire?
June 16, 2014, 10:24 pm
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Fleeting Flames Kissing the Night

Fleeting Flames Kissing the Night

June 16, 2014

What is it about a fire that draws us to it. Perhaps it is the primal instinct of man to be close to it. Maybe its the feeling of control over something that can be deadly. Or is it the warmth, the glow and the beauty? I don’t know, but I enjoy looking at the flames of an open fire.

Last year we built a small gas fire pit on our patio. The showy sparks from a wood fire are missing, but everything else is there for the viewing and no mess to clean up 😮

Staring into the flames, a person can think, or let thoughts disappear. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy it. The flames jump into the night and vanish into the air. Like a lost love, or a first kiss, the memory is fleeting, but somewhere in your mind’s eye a glimpse is repeated on the dancing flames.

Love is like a fire. It consumes us. It’s hot and desire burns deep. It warms us inside and out. It is beautiful, but it can hurt us deeply, scarring us for life. Looking into the flames, I consider all of these things and realize that life, without fire or love, would be a very terrible thing…cold and lonely. I think miserable, would describe it in one word.

There is no question in my mind, that love without ceasing, is the only way to love someone. Give your heart and all of yourself to that special person. The joy and enrichment you get in return is indescribable. I didn’t always do that, and for that I am truly sorry.

I don’t want to go back. I figured it out finally. It took me a couple tries. Sadly, the burn sometimes can still be felt, thank goodness, for the ointment of true love. It soothes, comforts and quiets the hurt made long ago and takes the sting out of life. Thank you God, for my loving wife.

Oops…Sorry Honey
February 21, 2013, 10:25 am
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The sideswipe

The sideswipe

February 21, 2013

I started wearing my hair pretty short about a year ago. I realized that a guy can only do a comb over so long 😮 It is just the way it is… I am going bald.

I am not a vain person. Baldness doesn’t bother me … getting old does, a little bit … but I can’t stop that either. I will not get hair plugs, hair extensions or a toupee. So the next best option for me, was to start wearing it short and embracing my extended face 😮

Last night, I sat down to get a haircut. Connie had the clippers all ready and made a big swipe up the side of my head. I heard her gasp, cover the spot where the clippers had just been with her hand and exclaim… “Oops, sorry honey!” She had forgotten to put the little plastic depth gauge on the clipper head.

We laughed a bit, especially when I said, use the shortest gauge we have and it will blend in. She was bent over with laughter trying to tell me that there was no such thing as “blending in.” There was NO hair.

I am sporting a much shorter hairdo than normal. The shortness also revealed a few other places where hair has taken a vacation and is not home! I doubt that it will return. Connie was the most bothered because her mistake occured in the winter … no big deal, I’ll just wear a different hat …. for quite awhile 😮