Stop and Smell the Flowers
May 28, 2016, 1:21 pm
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May 28, 2016

Life gets so busy that we all get caught up in stress and worry. I just spent three and a half days pushing hard to get my corn planted. In that time the flowers around the farm started blooming. The lilacs smell awesome. The columbine like in the photo are a beautiful delicate flower and I almost missed them! I paused yesterday for a glass of iced tea and conversation with my wife. That little break was a great lift to my spirit.

I listened to my wife talk as she shared some concerns with me. We made plans. We talked about the pesky robin nested above our heads on the patio. I would shoo her away, but she is feeding four little babies. Once the chicks fly away, I will dismantle the nest and clean the mess. Until then I will watch the busy momma feed her little ones and dodge the bird poo.

The multi-flora rose bushes around the farm are starting to blossom. They have the sweetest smell. It fills the air and almost makes you appreciate this invasive, nasty, thorny plant. I sniff the breeze and relax, but I am making plans to hack away at that doggone multi-flora rose scattered around. It was once the latest , greatest thing for farmers. The government said it was, “Horse high and hog tight. Best living fence in the world.” Now whole farms are a thorny thicket thanks to this monster plant.

Oh well, I work at the problem plant here on our farm, but I confess, I do enjoy those spring blooms!

May Flowers
May 1, 2015, 3:58 pm
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Transplanted Blooms

Transplanted Blooms

May 1, 2015

After a long winter and a late spring, the flowers are blooming. It is such a wonderful thing to see. The flowers in the photo are blooming at Mom’s place. I transplanted them two years ago. They are starting to thrive. As many of you know, my mother’s ashes rest on the hill behind my sugarhouse. I keep moving flowers there. It pleases me and I am sure it pleases her too.

All around the garden and yard, blooms are peeking out. The plants are waking up and leafing out. The pasture grasses are emerald green. My fall planted speltz are lush and a vibrant green. They move with the breeze and look like a sea on land. It is good to pause and notice things such as these. It gives a man’s mind and body peace.

The weather is looking good for us farmers too. We have been wet. Tillage is at a slow crawl. The state says only ten percent of crops have been planted. That is about twenty percent behind normal years. Here at Riceland we are right on track. The fall plantedĀ speltz are growing and looking good. The pastures are growing and my oats have been planted. A small fieldĀ for open pollenated corn will be plowed and made ready for planting in the next few days.

The draft horses are shedding their winter hair quickly. Birds are flittering about building nests, many lined with black horse hair. I am getting the itch to plant the early garden vegetables. Some onions are peeking out of the new beds. Some cole crops and greens will be added soon. Spring has sprung and it feels great!