My Summer “do”
May 9, 2015, 8:01 pm
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OMG...My new haircut

OMG…My new haircut

May 9, 2015

My name is Cinch. Many of you have seen me before. My master is lazy tonight, so I am writing the BLOG. Today, my mistress took me to a nice lady’s house. The lady met us in her driveway. She took a look at my matted, long stinky coat and smiled. I wanted to tell her that I am usually more handsome, but I have been enjoying watching the big sows. I found a cool spot from which to lay and watch…. I didn’t know it was pig crap!

My bad hair day started a month ago when the mud replaced snow on the sap roads. I go everywhere with my master, so a little mud wasn’t going to stop me. The cockleburs and prickers didn’t slow me down much either. I found lots of places to wait on him, often in a puddle or creek. He brushed me quite often, but the animal bedding, garden mulch and poo stayed stuck on my coat.

I soon became hot as the weather warmed. I found refuge in the farm pond 😮  The cool water felt good, rinsed off some of my dirt and only smelled a little like a fish. My coat was thick and black. These past days of muggy hot weather were making me miserable. My mistress said the lady would make me feel cooler and boy was she right!

I got a bath right in the driveway. The lady didn’t seem to appreciate my wonderful odor of farm and fish. She was wonderful. She soon learned to cope and we were having a great time. She removed my entire coat in a mere 4 hours. I almost didn’t recognize myself. My friend Max even growled at me when we got home! I swear those darn cats even snickered at me. I feel good. I think I favor my master now, both of us a bit too fat with short gray hair!

March 23, 2015, 5:41 pm
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Cinch waits patiently for me

Cinch waits patiently for me

March 23, 2015

Today, I met with an old friend. We have talked on the phone and by email, but we had a real visit today. It was face time, in the flesh…no computer or cell phone needed 😮  We caught up on life as easy, as if we had visited last week. The conversation flowed freely in both directions. I had a wonderful time.

This man I met well over twenty years ago. He and I hit it off and have shared many common threads since then. We share many of the same views on farming methods, conservation, forestry and the human condition. My friend is now an octogenarian, but spry and sharp of mind. He is a delight to be around. He is a little ornery, often contrary with a sense of humor that tickles me to the core.

I am grateful for friendships such as this one. I hope that I am as much a friend to him as he is to me. If I had one wish for everyone that I meet, it would be for them to have at least one true friend. It makes life complete.

My dog Cinch, the Border Collie, is an awesome friend too. He doesn’t let me out of his sight. He is glad to see me even if I have only been gone two minutes. He greets me with a big smile, waits patiently for me always and would give his life for me. There is no question that he is my friend! I am thankful for his love for me. It’s dogs like him that make me realize that “dog” spelled backwards is … “God”

Watching the Weather
March 1, 2015, 1:29 pm
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Max looks for some warm weather

Max looks for some warm weather

March 1, 2015

We are once again being hit with a winter storm. It is warmer than it has been. Today it might even warm up to freezing! Anyway, no maple syrup weather in sight. Sure, there is one or two days next week that may even hit 40 degrees F, but the night temperatures will bottom out in the single digits. The snow is still deep and the trees are frozen solid…it will be a while 😮

So, March comes in like a lion, that can only be a good thing. The temperatures should warm as we head towards the lamb like month end. This is where patience pays off. I am not the best at waiting, but this time it only makes sense not to worry and fret! So I am working on my writings, waiting and watching for the warm weather … Just like everybody else!

Patiently Waiting
Cinch waits while I fill the water trough

Cinch waits while I fill the water trough

February 23, 2015

The temperature plummets as I write. It is -5 F outside, crisp and cool. Chores are done and all the animals are tucked into bed. The barnyard is quiet as the animals begin to slumber, the horses chewing is the only sound. We are all waiting on spring!

The next several days shows us staying below freezing. I too must wait on spring and the busy maple syrup season. There is plenty to do just keeping all my animal charges fed and bedded…not to mention keeping water thawed out 😮

I need to be more like the dogs. They are patient. They find all sorts of ways to rest. They stretch when they rise before thundering off to play in the snow. On cold days they snuggle down and sleep in the soft straw. They don’t spend one minute worrying about anything…especially doing more work!

I Love You
February 13, 2015, 10:03 pm
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February 13, 2015

St Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. It is a day for lovers and all things sweet. It is not just love, but all things that say love. In my mind loyalty is an awesome thing. A good dog loves his owner beyond words. After all, you never hear them talk, do you? Yet, in their eyes, there is no doubt how much they love and trust you. It is the payback for feeding, caring and loving a pet.

I have a farm full of animals. Many of them could not care less who feeds them. The only thing they care about is that someone does. My horses, on the other hand, look for me, work for me and try to please me. The cats too seem to search me out. Wait to be petted, sometimes not too patiently, but they do wait. The dogs, especially Cinch, are a whole different story.

We adopted Cinch this past summer. He was aloof at first, paying more attention to the animals, than any of us. He loves small children, but his excitement makes them a little mad. They all seem to work it out. Cinch chases stuff for hours even tiring the kids out. He loves our animals and knows who belongs and who doesn’t. He is an asset to our farm.

I guess my favorite part about him, is his love for me. This dog idolizes me. He has wormed his way into my heart among the places where my favorite canines live. I hold him dear like Freckles, Lucy, King and my old friend Queenie. I see them in his quiet honest eyes and I swear, sometimes they look back at me. It is a beautiful thing and if that’s not love… I don’t know what is!

Ready for Summer
January 21, 2015, 3:07 pm
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Max chills on a hot day

Max chills on a hot day

January 21, 2015

This has been a pretty “open” winter. There has not been too much snow to deal with. The cold is brutal when it comes, but it too has been tolerable. I guess I am spoiled this winter, but I’m still ready for the green grass and warm breezes of summer. Or perhaps I’m just hoping to miss the “mud season”!

Maple syrup season is less than a month away, as long as, Old Man Winter cooperates! We are mostly ready. There is a big job of clean up, even though everything was cleaned up at the end of last year. It helps me get excited as I slop around with hot water and cleaning soap. I get it all clean, but I do make a wet mess. I don’t know if its a guy thing or a Ralph thing, but I get, as wet as, the maple pans.

I found out last year to wait for a day above freezing to do all my clean up. Once I splashed water all over everything in sight, including the cement floor, I realized that ice would be a problem. I discovered this fact as my feet went way over my head and I found myself half under the maple arch with what was left of a bucket of water soaking my coat.

I will say that a half frozen fat man doesn’t crawl out from under a maple syrup pan arch quickly. He also will find it necessary to roll over onto his stomach in the wet gravel to get to his knees. The next problem he will encounter is banging his head on the cold, hard, steel arch that holds the syrup pans. Finally, soaking wet, freezing, covered in frozen gravel, with an aching head, he decides to wait for a warmer day!

So, my clean up job waits for a couple of days off from work and a little warmer temperature on the thermometer. In the meantime, I will search the seed catalogs, prepare for the upcoming maple season and think about the hot days of summer…..when I am longing for the cold quiet days of January!

Herding Cats
November 19, 2014, 8:34 pm
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Ugly, helps bring the cows in

Ugly, helps bring the cows in

November 19, 2014

Every night when I bring the cows up, the cats come along too. It started by walking the dogs down the lane. The cats wanted to go. So, now every night, when I head down the lane, two dogs and two cats help bring the cows to the barn. Herding cats is like trying to nail Jello to the wall, but a cat that herds cattle…priceless!

Tonight as I went to bring the cattle in, my gang of herders trailed with me. I got to the gate, called the cows and everyone headed to the barn quickly. Everyone that is, except the new gray, white-faced calf. Her momma took off with the rest of the herd, but she stayed put. My trusty companion Cinch, the border collie, laid down right at the gate. The little calf would not go near the “wolf”.

I tried to convince Cinch to come with me. He dutifully did just that…scaring the crap out of the calf, literally and figuratively 😮 The little calf ran for the thorn apple thicket. We coaxed her out and to the gate twice. Every time we got near the gate, Cinch would lay in the opening and the little calf would hightail it back to the thicket. Darkness was closing in and I am not the running cow herder I once was… So a new plan was hatched.

Cinch, the cat and I went to the barn to get the cows. I named the little calf “Shirley” .. for surely you have got to be kidding me! The calf’s mom and the rest of the herd went back to the field. Mom and baby had a great reunion. Mom was much more interested in grain just moments ago, but now her baby was her only focus. The gang reunited, I marched them all back to the barn again. The three little calves led the way. Cinch the cat and I brought up the rear.