Rough Around the Edges
August 27, 2018, 9:56 am
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August 27, 2018

This knife I have been making as time permits over the last week. I made it from a farrier’s rasp that was given to me by my farrier. This is my second knife project. I learned a lot. I had to soften the rasp steel, then forge, grind, harden and temper the knife. The handle fit went much better this time. I still have to sharpen and polish it, but it is coming along quite well.


I left the rasp’s character showing as I worked the steel. This knife will be a gift for my farrier. I think he will use it or perhaps just display it, but I am pleased with my efforts. I think leaving it a little rough around the edges makes for a great conversation piece. I say this because those who know me, know that I too am a little rough around the edges…and conversation is my specialty!      (Some may even say that I am a bullshi**er!)

Cold Enough For You?
January 25, 2014, 11:50 am
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The ViewnFrom Here

The View From Here

January 25, 2014

   Why is it, that when the temperature drops,…everyone asks “Cold enough for you?” It is kind of funny I guess, but lately it has been no laughing matter! The thermometer struggles to get out of the teens and I struggle to get out of the house!  😮

   Yesterday, I had big plans…then I stepped outside. I did get the chores all done. I added bedding to all the pens as the single digit day chilled me to the bone. My cousin helped take hay bales out to the cattle. It was just enough work to realize that better days were coming for some of the work we had planned!

   My cousin and I headed off to Burton, for coffee and conversation around a woodstove at my buddy’s house. We ran a few errands, killed a few hours and shot the bull …. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am one heck of a bull shooter!  😮

   Today the wind howls outside, while the snow blows into drifts. The animals are snug and fed and I am having trouble finding any reason to be outside in the cold. I will accomplish a couple of things that have been nagging me, but I plan to take all day to do them … with lots of tea breaks in between!

   Oh Yea, … and if anybody asks me, if its cold enough for me… I will say, “Heck yea!”