It’s June Already
June 6, 2022, 7:49 am
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June 6, 2022

After a very wet and cool spring, I managed to get the corn planted on June 1, 2022. I was not real happy with the seedbed preparation, but it wasn’t too bad for the way the rains came. I finished up just before we got another half of an inch.

This morning, I see little green shoots peeping through the dirt. The warm moist soil helped the seeds to sprout and grow. This field of about 2.5 acres should yield plenty for us this year…unless the wildlife hit us hard, growing next to the woods like we are.

Our gardens are doing well in spite of the wet weather. Somehow, I managed to get them off and growing a bit earlier than normal. The raised beds are doing well too. Connie worked on freezing strawberries yesterday, so that job is done for the year.

We got our hay equipment mostly ready to go. We even cut a couple rounds to make sure things are in order and will use that hay, put up loose, to feed the horses when they are in the barn. We bring them in to help dodge the flies during the day.

Training continues for our younger horses and they will be helping in the hayfields soon. The filly Maggee continues to be a delight to watch and be around. Its June already, half the year is gone but half is left to go. We plan to make the absolute best of it!

2016 Corn is Planted
May 25, 2016, 11:09 pm
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May 26, 2016

After three very full days of grueling tractor work, the 5 acres of corn ground has been plowed, disced and planted. I am happy but it is bittersweet. I put 31 hours on the tractor in three days, not counting chores. I am one tired fellow, but we did beat the rain. Tonight after chores, I brushed out my teams. I don’t know if they needed it, but I sure did.

They seem to forgive me. I brushed and petted and fussed over my guys. The new little girl got her fair share too. Tomorrow after putting the corn planter away and fixing a short in the fence, I will spend the day working horses. Abby will get her haircut and try on a collar…several times. She will get the hang of it and learn to trust me in the process.

I have two big logs to skid out of the woods to the sugarhouse as we start to assemble our woodpile for sugarwood. I am planning a frolic in June to split and fill the woodshed in one day. The work will be followed by eating and fishing. This will make for a fun day, but first we must get everything ready. As long as, I get to work horses doing it… I’m good with that!