A Moo…ving Experience
Ka-boss, come along girls

Ka-boss, come along girls

July 1, 2015

As part of my rotational grazing method of raising livestock, I moo-ve my cows often 😮  I just need one gal to follow along and all the rest follow her. Now that we have been doing this a while, I say Ka-boss and they come running. They know that something good is about to happen! Even last years calves, still sucking moms, beat feet to the gate or new place that I am taking them.

My horse pasture is an area of almost six acres. I only have three draft horses on that paddock, so they can’t keep up with the grass, especially at this time of year. They also eat their favorite places down and leave other areas alone. I put the cows in there with them, just before mowing the pasture. The cows aren’t as picky. They eat the tall grass and anything else that grows pretty much. This makes great use of my forages, keeps all the grass growing well and rids the pasture of a few weeds in the process.

Having tame livestock is a plus, but once they know there is a reward for coming, even the surly ones follow the rest. The young stock go where mom goes. They stay together even grazing in a little herd. They go to the water at the same time and even rest together. The horses keep to themselves too. They don’t chase the cows, but definitely rule the pasture. They drink first. They come in first. and the cows move out of the way. I’m not sure how they learned this, but it goes on this way no matter which horses or cows that I have had over the years. I don’t question it any more. I’m just grateful it woks out so well.

Beautiful Day…Oats are planted!
April 29, 2015, 10:56 pm
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The back pond, home to a goose family

The back pond, home to a goose family

April 29, 2015

I got up this morning and had an idea. I would plant oats in my spent corn field. I am not trying to get a grain crop. I just want to plant a quick crop of additional pasture. It should be ready by mid June. I may only get a week or two grazing from this field, but I used my bin oats to plant it, at a cost of about twenty five dollars, plus some diesel fuel. I can’t feed ten cows for two weeks much cheaper than that. So I say hooray for oats! The awesome grazing extender!

I worked all day on this project, along with farm work. The animals all had to be fed, pens and stalls cleaned, and water troughs filled. I also went and got a load of mulch for our flower beds. Perhaps the mulch is wishful thinking, but the weekend looks nice and I can get two young men to help me 😮

I hope to start back on my firewood cutting for the sugarhouse next week. If I push hard, I should have the woodshed filled before time to cut hay! Now with the oats out of the way, the only other big farm job is to empty the compost bin. That too will be a big job, but I can do it in one long day. The sun stays out until after nine pm. It gets up early these days too. All I have to do is work with old Mr. Sol, and my work will disappear …. now, talk about a beautiful day!

The compost bin, cooking and waiting

The compost bin, cooking and waiting

Holy Cow What a Day
August 28, 2014, 10:17 pm
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One of the girls

One of the girls

August 28, 2014

My day started early, long before sunrise. As I walked the dogs, I got the chance to get lost in the night sky. It was beautiful. The stars were shining brightly. The moon just a sliver, allowed the stars to be the focal point. It was awesome!

The dogs and I shared a couple of minutes of friendship, before I left for work. The morning was cool and fall like. Oh how I wished that I could have spent the day splitting wood or better yet, working horses! I left the farm with a heavy heart.

The day was busy and passed by quite quickly. I was soon on my way home, singing with the radio. I butchered a few songs while I relaxed during the drive. Supper was waiting when I walked in the door, along with a wonderful hug…and like the morning stars…it was awesome!

Chores were done quickly so that I had time to go get our bull. We are half owners in Solomon, a Murray Grey. He was so happy to get with the girls even though they are all “in the family way”. Very soon calves will hit the ground. I want him to breed the ladies back as soon as possible, so as to reset their clocks and make for spring and summer babies.

I filled the water troughs as the sun began to set and darkness fell. I was satisfied with my progress, tired and content. I shut the barn door and headed for the house thinking to myself… Holy cow, what a day!