The Old Man and the Geek
February 15, 2016, 11:28 am
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February 15, 2016

Oh dear readers, I have been being educated by the “Geek Squad” about buying a new computer. Our old one finally lost it’s battle with spam, malware, battery life viruses. It was a good computer that helped me learn Windows 7 after my long love affair with Windows XP. I am an old dog who learns new tricks slowly, agonizingly slowly!

Once I realized that I was only prolonging my computer’s life, it was time to act. I closed the lid and tried to move on. After all, it wasn’t fair to either of us. My computer trying its little memory to recall my documents and photos, only to crash right in the middle of a project that I was trying to complete. I would curse a tirade as my work flew out into cyberspace, never to return. I bet its lost up there somewhere on a “cloud”, but in any case it’s gone.

I looked at trade magazines, searched the internet on my phone and asked some of the savvy folks at work, about which computer to buy. I got a whole bunch of answers and suggestions, but mostly I got more confused. I decided to visit a store that specializes in all things technical. I walked in to a display of choices that almost scared me. The saving grace of the place were all these boys and girls walking around with “Bluetooth” devices in their ears. I was at an alien place, so why wouldn’t all the little helpers be wearing headgear from outer space? After all they have to communicate with those “Clouds”!

I found a young man of about 14 to help me, turns out he is married with children. When did all these people start looking so darn young? Even the policemen look like like they should be trying out for the 9th grade basketball team! Anyway, I told the young man about my dearly departed device. I explained that I need a replacement that is VERY simple to operate. He told me, “Sir, they are all simple to operate.” I laughed, he didn’t.

In short order we came home with a small computer, armed with all the latest gadgets and capabilities. I hated it. It had a gray scale screen. (Who ever thought that up still amazes me!) It was small and hard to see with bifocals. It only had one USB port and I needed that for my wireless mouse, because that whole finger swipe thing evades me! There was no place to plug in my camera, charge my phone or earphones. There was no CD drive and I had one heck of a time figuring out how to even turn the darn thing on! I took that one back….actually, my wife came to my rescue and took it back.

I am now the proud owner of a new laptop. Turns out none of them have CD drives anymore. Jeeze, I’m still hanging on to my old eight track tapes! My photos and documents are all on a jump drive (also called flash drive, memory stick or little flat thingy). I am learning Windows ten (very slowly, see above) I sorted my way to my BLOG, but you will notice that there is no photo…That is because all of my pictures are now in a numbers format. That problem may take awhile to sort out, but thanks to the young “Poindexters” of the Geek Squad, I am up and ..walking…I sure as heck am not up and running…photos will return soon, that is if I can talk them down off the cloud!