April 19, 2016, 10:16 pm
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bye bye boxstall

April 19, 2016

I am busily making a barn modification. I am taking out this old box stall and building a double tie stall. The reason is because I am getting a new horse. She will mate Duke and be a great addition to our farms power line up. The addition of a fourth draft horse will give me the ability to work two teams of horses.

I will use the two teams in a four horse hitch when I need more power. I will also now have the ability to work one team in the morning and a second team in the afternoon. I could work one team on Monday and the other team on Tuesday. This every other day option will allow one team a day of rest every other day. Currently, this type of organization is not needed on my farm…but that day will soon be at hand.

The new horse will come to live here next Monday. I will share photos then. In the meantime, I will stay busy getting her bedroom ready. The introductions will soon be made, so it is only reasonable that the sleeping arrangements are all sorted out too.

Luckily, I built the box stall large enough to be able to build a second double tie stall. My horses get plenty of daily exercise, so the tie stalls present no problems what so ever. The horses’ comfort is first in mind, followed by the ease for me when doing chores. These stalls work well. They are safe and easy to clean….a win win for us all.