New Year, Old Challenges
January 5, 2021, 12:32 pm
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January 5, 2021

We welcomed in a New Year a few days ago. I honestly don’t expect things to magically change, but I have no fear. God is in control, I just need to remember this in all things.

We had just enough freezing temperatures at night to freeze the chicken poop in the coop. The recent thaw in the last few days made it possible to finally clean things out. It is amazing how much manure 20 hens can generate. The compost pile loves the manure, I like a clean coop, so I guess its a win win.

We are working steady with the young horses, as their training continues. The fields are wet, muddy and simply a mess. This makes for a few jobs to be put on hold, but no worries there is always stuff to do.

A recent wind storm laid a few trees across our fences. I am still working to clean up and repair the mess it made. I am salvaging the logs and firewood, as well as, fixing the fences as we go.

Daily chores, a little butchering and repair work keep me busy. I also manage a little time at my forge, just for fun. Soon, maple syrup time will be upon us, but for now I will enjoy the daily grind and the normalcy that comes with it.

Watching and Waiting
November 19, 2017, 9:11 pm
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November 19, 2017

Thanks and hats off to a friend of the farm, “Justin” who came and hung our blinds back up. This small job has been on my wife’s wish list every since we had the windows put in the house. I am not much of a finish carpenter anyway. Looking up through my bifocals makes any job tough and I simply chose not to do this one. (sorry honey)

I did make coffee, offer advice and encouragement while watching the young man work. I leaned on my cane for part of the time and iced and rubbed my knee for the rest of the time it took to hang them. He. Justin, also completed a small roofing job. He weatherproofed one of the overhangs. These were both awesome jobs to have completed.

Our sons keep stepping up to do chores and such. Our youngest does the daily stuff, which even though reduced, is still a bit to do. The last two days of rain has everything wet and flooded. The animals even spent some time looking out from their sheds watching it rain relentlessly. Our late season drought is surely over. Our ponds are all almost overflowing again. The woods and fields have been sufficiently watered…. just in time for SNOW! I guess I will watch that too!

Riding out the winter
February 3, 2014, 8:02 pm
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Te bee log, tucked in out of the weather

The bee log, tucked in out of the weather

February 3, 2013

   Freezing rain, followed by snow created this pretty picture yesterday morning. It was beautiful to see. The bee log rests in a sort of alcove in the white pines on the edge of the back pasture. The winds are less in that protected place. I hope the bee gals are all safe and doing well. I will know for sure in spring.

   The weathermen are all a buzz about a new winter storm bearing down on us. The storm is supposed to slam us starting tomorrow, late afternoon. I will get hay bales moved, pens cleaned and bedded, in preperation for our next winter blast. I, the guy who loves winter, am starting to tire of the constant cold and ice … not enough to ever move, just enough to whine a little bit 😮

   Our drive is still an ice slick. I managed to fall and crack my elbow this morning. It was a humbling experience, made a little better because no one saw me do it. I do have a goose egg on my arm and a small bruise on my ego. I used to bounce much better than I did this morning.

   Chores keep me busy this time of year as we ride out the winter. Feeding and taking care of the animals does take up a bit of my day, but it is a nice time, unhurried and full of gratification. It is almost restful as all of us are a bit lazy. We eat more, rest more and take a little more time out for things like looking at a beautiful morning landscape… so it’s not all bad!