Making Deals
June 6, 2018, 8:50 am
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June 6, 2018

I made a deal with two young Amish boys. They would re-stack all of last year’s sugarwood. Bringing all the old wood up to the front, so the newly split wood can be stacked in the back. This allows me to use the oldest wood first, much like rotating stock in a grocery store.

In exchange for their hard work, I would buy them breakfast in a restaurant, provide cold drinks to include milkshakes and let them fish for a few hours. I held up on my end and these two little guys worked like troopers. The oldest wood has all been stacked neatly and as high as it would go. They also proved to be good fishermen as you can see by the stringer of fish.

As I was driving home, it occurred to me, that for the price of a couple meals and a little bit of my time, I got a very boring job completed in record time. I made a great day for two boys whom I have known since before they were born and had some good clean fun. I’m no “Monty Hall” but in this case I think I made a deal for sure!