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June 17, 2018, 7:14 am
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June 17, 2018

As part of my new retirement gig, I got a new Border Collie puppy. My old dog “Cinch” is teaching the pup many new things. “Matilda” aka “Tilly”, is a quick learner. She is a smart pup who is fun to train. She sits, fetches, is crate trained already and has learned to stay down with no jumping, pretty well. We continue to work on those two. So far, she only jumps when she first sees me. She get very excited, but quickly settles down, “good girl”, helps a lot!

As she learns to fetch, “Uncle Cinch” helps too. She jumps and bites his lip. He growls a little and mostly tolerates his new charge. There have been some scuffles, but mostly just patience from the old man. He is teaching her manners, boundaries and the daily routine. Best of all, he shares me with her. He is a great dog.

Today is Father’s Day. I will take a walk and talk to my dad. He rests peacefully under a tree in my pasture. Gone are the days when we could talk on the phone or face to face. I’m sure he keeps an eye on me, even now, that’s what us dads do. I am lucky enough to have many who call me dad. Sons, daughters, daughter-in-laws and son-in-laws, our family has grown over the years to a large herd. I am very proud to watch over them all and to share in each of their lives.

On the Right Path
June 15, 2014, 9:09 pm
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One last look at an old trouble spot

One last look at an old trouble spot

June 15, 2014
Father’s Day. I spent a minute talking at my father’s resting place. I do wish we could share a cup of coffee and conversation, but even a one sided visit makes me feel better. I heard from my children and all is well.

I worked on my list, sold a couple piglets and spent time with our new dog. We walked the sap roads for awhile, just looking at the big difference, and liking what I saw.

Yesterday, I spent time with my uncles. It was good to see and talk with them. This coming week will be full of farm work, horse work and the like, but I have set aside some time for visiting with some old friends. I am sure, that like the sap roads, I am on the right path! 😮