And Now … Rain!
March 3, 2015, 2:45 pm
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Snow pile by the house

Snow pile by the house

March 3, 2015

Well…just when you think it can’t get much worse, weather wise… now it is raining!

I thought some warm rain might settle the 27 inches of snow we have, but where will it run off to? So far not much settling is happening. Instead, we have gotten three hours of freezing rain. There is a coating of ice on everything, making simple chores difficult. I can hardly wait for tomorrow when all the doors are frozen shut 😮

It looks like we may try tapping our maple trees next week. The weather is turning more like late February…even though we will be approaching mid-March! The hope is that the deep snow in the woods will be a little less and that the temperatures will make the sap run. There is no running today anywhere…mostly just slipping and falling.

The animals are fed and warm. The pens have been cleaned and all is well. I will spend much of the rest of this day indoors out of the wet. I continue to work on my writing project, with no guilt at all as I sip tea and wait for inspiration to hit me. So, that is how it will work… I’ll get inspired or I will take a nap 😮

Man it is Slick!
December 9, 2013, 4:13 pm
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Hoss, Duke and Knight

Hoss, Duke and Knight

December 9, 2013

   Freezing rain fell last night. It was a light rain that landed on our iced over driveway. We didn’t get what some states got, but I have been all day working around what we did get 😮

   It is so slippery that I decided not to work the horses today. The fields are fine, but the drive around the barn and farm is too slippery to stand up on…for long. My horses are barefoot right now. It is much better, in my mind, to do other work, than to have an accident where a horse breaks its leg.

   The round bales in the pastures for cows and sheep had to be chopped open this morning. I am sure they were happy to see me with the axe. All is good now, except for the drive, even the sun is shining.

   Our winter weather this year has been a reminder that we are not in charge! I was going to do some butchering today, but decided that sliding around with a sharp knife in my hand would wait for a better day.

   Another litter of piglets was born this morning after a long night of checking on mom. The trip to the barn wasn’t bad until the rain fell..then the farmer almost did  😮

   A little snow or a little more sun and we will be fine. I say we are lucky compared to those without power and worse. I will just take it a little slower and wait for a day… it will surely change by then, but in the meantime…man it is slick !