Putting The Shine On
September 27, 2015, 8:41 pm
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Hoss, Duke and Knight in the evening sunset

Hoss, Duke and Knight in the evening sunset

September 27, 2015

Tonight is a full moon. There are lots of folks watching it because it is very close to Earth and there will be a lunar eclipse. I will say that it is a beautiful sight, but talking about beautiful sights…. My horses were shining like a new car last night in the evening sun. We had a quick few days, the horses and I, with getting the speltz out. Then I had to work a few shifts at my off farm job. So, tonight, after moving some gilts in with the boar, I am relaxing and watching the moon shine 😮

The horses and I will be skidding firewood and sugarwood this week. This job is one like shoveling manure…it is just never done. Watching the horses muscles move and ripple when they work is a sight that I never get tired of seeing. Their glossy summer coats, slick and shiny, tells me they are in great condition. They are eating good pasture, getting plenty of exercise and lots of rests in the cool evenings. They are content and I am also.

As I clean and store farm equipment ahead of the coming foul, winter weather, I feel as if I am “putting a shine” on my farm. It is beginning to look neat and orderly. Believe me there are plenty of opportunities to improve, but it does look a little better each day. Soon, the Autumn leaves will adorn our place in color fit for a Christmas package…and that is exactly how I see this farm… it is a gift!

The Present
February 5, 2015, 12:39 pm
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Little snow mountain

Little snow mountain

February 5, 2015

Someone once told me, ” Today is a gift, that is why they call it the present.”  I think about those words from time to time and I realize just how much wisdom is packed into that short phrase. I think we should all contemplate just how short life is, from time to time. It makes us appreciate our days…even the frustrating ones!

This morning the temperature dipped below zero F, just before sunrise. The air was still, crisp and clear. There was no wind, not even a breeze. The snow crunched underfoot, even squeaking as I took a step. The animals, snug in there beds, barely noticed as I walked by them. They seemed content to just enjoy their warm beds a little while longer, on this cold winter morning.

The sun began to rise, as I made my way around the barnyard. Once again we had gotten three or four inches of new snow over night, but instead of being frustrated that I would have to plow snow yet again, I stopped walking and just looked at the snow.

It was beautiful. Every ice crystal was reflecting the morning sun. All across the fields the snow was shimmering. The pine trees that border the farm lane, looked like trees from a Christmas card, branches tipped in white then covered in glitter. There was no brown to be seen, even the cow patties were hidden from view, and dressed in white 😮

My footsteps became lighter, a smile graced my face and everything seemed right in my world. My breath on the crisp air turned to very small snow flakes… and that is when I realized that I was part of the snow problem too. How could I be disgusted with the now, when I was adding to the amount myself! I laughed at the thought, shrugged my shoulders and resigned to the fact that, yes, I would have to plow again!

So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I will look for the beauty in it, as I look for a place to pile it. I must enjoy the fluffy white stuff for as long as I can because very soon comes mud season, followed by the July and August heat. The only break then is the hidden promise in the morning dew, when winter snowflakes take on their summer wear and become droplets of water hanging on fences twinkling in the sunrise…. and like today, the wonder of morning makes me realize that …. today really is a gift!