Grampa Rice
November 30, 2013, 11:19 pm
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Making Memories

Making Memories

November 30, 2013

   Today, we celebrated Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful time. After dinner I hitched the horses and took everyone for a sled ride. It was crisp and cool, but everyone had a very warm heart 😮

   I am reminded of Thanksgivings long ago, when I was a boy. I couldn’t wait to go to my gramma and grampa’s house. It was a wonderful place with animals, great food, big draft horses and my grandparents lived there! Oh how I loved that place.

   It seemed every year, back then, it was cold and snowy. The wood fire heated the house while gramma’s great cooking filled our bellies. Once the meal was finished, grampa would have to go do chores. I begged to go along. Every once in a while, I was allowed to go, it was awesome!

   I have many great memories of my grampa Rice. Almost every one of those memories involve horses or some other farm animal and of course, making maple syrup. I do miss him so very much.

   Today, it dawned on me, that I am grampa Rice. I saw magic in the eyes of my grandchildren today. It was heart-warming as I saw memories dance in the eyes of the little ones. Our great grand children were here today too, out newest, a baby girl, rode in the sled while sucking a bottle. I doubt that she will remember today, but I vow to be her grampa Rice as long as I live … and even long after, in her memory.

   We hitched three horses just for fun. The bells echoed across the farm as the harness bells chimed. The snow made everything clean and the sun blessed our day, shining brightly, in the afternoon sky. The little boys held the ends of the reins and had a big time.

   The youngsters were not the only ones with magic in their eyes for I too had a certain shine in mine. I spoke to the horses and guided them around our farm and I could feel my grampa, my great grampa and my dad riding along with us. We made magic and we made memories and I am real sure that my grampa Rice would be proud!


Sorting out the good stuff
June 8, 2013, 7:42 pm
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Logs ready to go to the landing

Logs ready to go to the landing

June 8, 2013

These logs pictured were waiting to be skidded to the landing. They are nice logs, so it was easy to choose them. The thing is, every log must be hauled out of the woods…sort of a “no child left behind” thing.

I am careful to get everything I can out of a felled tree. I do not want to waste anything. The tree tops and branches will make great firewood. The same thing goes for any split piece or crooked spot in a trunk. I use it all.

In life we get to sort out the good stuff a little easier. I guess better to say that we can choose to dwell on the positives, look for good and let the rest roll off our backs like water off a duck.

Sure some stuff has to be dealt with no matter what, but much better to think about great memories and ice cream. I know that I am still sorting it all out… but… I choose to be happy.   😮