What Happened?
June 27, 2018, 7:57 am
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June 27, 2018

This rough looking dog toy, we call the monkey-beaver. It looks like a sock monkey, but has a beaver’s tail. Tilly played with it for hours. She would fetch it and bring it back every time that you threw it. I say would…because this morning when I went to let Tilly out of her crate, only her stiff little body remained. What the heck happened?

After chores, the last thing we do is close up the chicken house for the night. Tilly usually waits by the gate for me and then we go to her crate. Last night, I closed the chicken door, but Tilly didn’t wait by the gate. I went to her crate to look for her and she was inside laying down. I reached inside petted her and told her goodnight. I latched the crate door….for what would be the last time.

I dug her grave near the garden, not far from where my old Lucy dog is buried. Digging went slow because the tears blurred my vision. I went and got Tilly’s lifeless body and carried her to the grave. My dog Cinch, Tilly’s pal and gracious host, followed me to the grave site. I placed Tilly in the ground and started to cover her. I looked over at Cinch and broke down crying like a child.


Cinch waited and watched as I buried his little charge. I struggled to get the job done. Afterwards, I petted Cinch for a long time. He dropped the monkey-beaver and walked away. I guess, like me, he is wondering …. what happened?

Fleeting Memories
April 13, 2015, 10:12 am
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Firelight dancing in the darkness

Firelight dancing in the darkness

April 13,2015

This past weekend, my memories rushed in several times. I will say that all of them were good, the memories that is. Unfortunately, a friend of mine since childhood died. He was a very fun and funny guy. His children and mine knew each other well. His son and mine played baseball and hunted together. They share a relationship that continues to this day.

When I got the word that he had passed, I remembered many fun times we shared and several times where our antics got us into trouble. Bob could draw like a professional. His features reminded me of Jay Leno, but Bob was much funnier! He had lost his father when he was young, so I think he sought out the good in people and found happy thoughts no matter what!

I spent much of my idle time last week thinking about Bob and fun times in high school. I thought about him and his wife as young adults. They lived a life of self sufficiency. Bob, an avid hunter, provided many meals for his family. His trade was that of a tool and die maker, but his love was making hunting bows. He was a skilled craftsman who turned out beautiful bows. Each one was built by hand form his own designs.

I remember one afternoon in the early 1980’s. I stopped at Bob’s on my way home from work. As I walked up to him, it looked as if he had been in a terrible fight. Both of his eyes were black and blue. His nose was swollen, yellow and red in color, with a nasty gash most of the way across. The black stitches looked painful, sticking out of his swollen nose. “My Gosh Bob, what the heck happened?” , I asked.

He broke out into infectious laughter. Before long I started to chuckle. He said, You should see your face! You look like you saw a ghost!” Before long both of us were holding our sides with laughter, yet I still didn’t know what had happened. Finally, after we regained our composure, he told me what had happened.

He got an idea for a new bow design, The handle and limbs were laminated, then cut from the formed block of glued wood and composite material. Bob was just starting the process of making his own bows, so this was during the development stage. He stepped out the backdoor of his house. He carefully inserted an arrow. He drew down on the target, bringing the bow to full draw. That was the point when the bow broke in half. One piece flew back in an instant, with great force, striking him in the nose and face!

His nose hung from his face by a piece of skin, bleeding profusely. His vision was blurred and his head ached. Bob still had enough humor left to joke with the doctors and nurses while they patched him up! He went on to fix the design flaw and turn out beautiful, functional hunting bows. My son owns one, signed by Bob. It is a treasured piece of his hunting collection.

Bob leaves a wife, a daughter, a son and three granddaughters. His love of life and great humor will help them all as they grieve. His impish smile can be seen on the faces of his children and grandchildren. I, and many others will remember him with fondness and for his clown antics. I guess it was spoken best by Bob’s best friend at Bob’s celebration of life services. He played guitar and sang, “You got a friend”, by James Taylor. The only friend Bob didn’t have…was someone he had not yet met.

Wrapping Things Up For Christmas
December 23, 2013, 2:58 pm
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There is no way that three, is a crowd!

There is no way that three, is a crowd!

December 23, 2013

   What a whirl wind couple of weeks it has been. Like all families at this time of year, we have been busy! There was shopping to do and cookies to bake. The tree to decorate and the house too…. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do any of those things…thanks to my dear Connie.

   I did help a friend butcher a very big beef, get our maple sap bags ready to go, kept up with chores and birthing pig babies. I have shoveled mountains of manure and snow. We put a ceiling in the old shop and moved sheep to different pasture.

   Sadly we attended funeral services for a great friend. He was our local fire chief, township trustee and fellow farmer. I will miss John Wayman. I also had to deal with the grief of losing my best friend and canine pal “King”. He had been my constant companion for two and a half years. A condition required us to have to put him down… I am far from over it and just didn’t feel much like writing these past couple of weeks.

   Great rains overtook us and melted all of the snow. The farm is saturated once again with water. Mill Creek has been out of its banks for several days, but the water is finally going down. They say a freeze is once again coming, but a white Christmas may elude us this year.

   I want to take just a line to say Merry Christmas to all my readers, from all of us here at the farm!