Up In The Air
June 28, 2022, 5:38 pm
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June 28, 2022

The night before last, as I watered the cows, our dog Sam treed a woodchuck! I had not ever seen that before. The digging rodents usually just run along the ground and dive into their burrows. Sam must have caught this guy in the open, away from his home entrance. I heard loud scratching sounds that made me look for the noise. I stood a while looking at the out of place woodchuck. He in turn stared at me. I don’t think he was comfortable, but there was no way he was coming down anytime soon!

We have been enjoying a few very nice summer days. The heat and humidity will return soon, but wow these last days are perfect. Highs in the 70’s, low’s in the 60’s with very low dew points. I has been very comfortable for man and beast. We missed a needed rain yesterday. It is getting pretty dry after that very wet spring. God knows what we need and He will send it soon.

We moved the first batch of meat chickens to the portable pen. I started leaving them in the pen on the concrete until they are fully feathered out. This lets me string a cord and add a heat lamp if needed. Soon they will be out on grass in the pen. This makes for tasty meat and they have a good life until they go to “freezer camp”.

Second cutting hay, the gardens and field corn are growing well. The rain will help them, but they all look good so far. The horses have enjoyed a few work free days, as I catch up with other stuff. The speltz is ripening fast and will soon get harvested. I am making a piece of a field into a play area for us all. We will use all sorts of equipment to train the young horses. It is an area of about 3/4 of an acre. I am thinking later this year I will plant it to Speltz, but right at this moment those plans, like the woodchuck, are up in the air.

Groundhog Day 2014
February 2, 2014, 12:35 pm
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Sugarwood, cut last fall, waiting to be moved to the woodshed

Sugarwood, cut last fall, waiting to be moved to the woodshed

February 2, 2014

   The old timers used to say, “Half your wood and half your hay is what you should have on Groundhog Day.” There is wisdom in that statement. Spring is getting close, but winter still hangs on tight. Today, the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter. I am glad that our hay is holding out and is about at the halfway mark 😮

   We don’t heat with wood anymore, except for the sugarhouse. We boil all that maple sap with wood. I enjoy cutting and splitting and have even started on next year’s supply. My son does heat with wood and this hard winter has him wondering if he will have enough. I much prefer to be way ahead of the wood cutting game.

   The rain yesterday fell on deep snow and hard frozen ground. The drive and farm lanes are a sheet of ice. I don’t like ice. In fact, I don’t like ice a little more each year. I’m not sure when I got so unsteady walking on it, but I sure am. I shuffle along like a very old man…perhaps I am 😮

   The warm day yesterday of almost 40 degrees F, was spoiled by the falling rain. I worked in it for a while, but finally said the heck with it. There will be better days coming soon for outside work. The last thing I need is cold or flu, so working in the rain, I will avoid. Many say that colds and flu do not come from the weather …mom said it did, I’m going with that.

   Many projects, here on the farm,  are on the brink of being finished. The syrup season will very soon start. The compost pile is large and needs spread, seed needs to be ordered and there is always sugarwood to cut. It is a wonderful thing to be busy…. and I sure am. Today is “ground hog” day. We will celebrate by having sausage (ground hog) on our Super Bowl pizza!