Honey Do List
April 19, 2015, 6:59 pm
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Nice to see the green again

Nice to see the green again

April 19, 2015

We spent the weekend working on projects from a big list my wife and I made. It included such things as washing  the house, picking up “stuff” from the yard our dog Max finds and carries there. We built some raised beds in preparation for the gardening season. We got the flower beds ready for mulch and restored order to several trivial, yet annoying things.

Chores are an every day, two times a day affair. The maple syrup season puts everything else on hold, until it is done. I played catch up these last two days, but having a list kept me on track. My wife is pleased with what we got done. We did not mow the lawn for the first time this year. I hope I don’t regret that….especially as the rain is now falling…in very large drops 😮

One good thing, having paused with farm work to do the little things keeps smiles on faces as the spring planting season bears down on us. A large pile of firewood is waiting to be cut and split. I want that job done and over before it’s time to cut hay. Farm work keeps a guy busy, but he must set enough time aside for the things that are important to his wife. It pays to remember those little things!

The horses had the weekend off. They will be back at it soon. We have a little plowing and some firewood logs to skid. I will work on these projects as the weather lets me. When I can’t plow because its too wet… I can always work on wood. I am breaking in a couple of new hired hands. So far they are standing the work well. I have not held back and they keep coming back, so I think it’s going very well 😮

Woodland Wonderland
May 24, 2013, 9:21 pm
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Jake skidding logs with Knight and Hoss

Jake skidding logs with Knight and Hoss


May 24, 2013

Today, in the cool weather, we were back at our logging job. It was a nice day to work for men and horses. I ran the chainsaw and hooked for Jake as he drove the horses.

The forest floor was a little wet from yesterdays rain, but the roads are holding up well due to the light impact of the horses feet. They can’t be beat in the woods in that regard!

Our corn has been planted for this year. The oats are coming up very nicely. The fall planted speltz look great. The garden has been prepared and will soon be planted too. We have planted a few things in the raised bed, but the main garden planting won’t occur until next week. I just have to many things going!

The grass and hay is growing fast. I am pleased with the hay, but the lawn has been tough to keep up with, as far as, mowing goes. My hired hand graduated today. He will very soon be taking his place in the world. We will miss him around here. He has been a lot of help, no matter what the job. He has gathered maple sap, chopped and stacked a mountain of wood. I am sure a part of him will always be found in our woodland wonderland…. and a part of it, will always be found in him.