Something to Do
January 11, 2019, 3:43 pm
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January 11, 2019

Our weather has finally turned to winter. The wind howled outside, while snow fell heavy, wet and quickly. This made for a good day to work inside the barn. I decided to give the horses haircuts. It makes for something to do. You can see by the pile of black hair, that it had been awhile since the last trim!

I cut the hair close where their bridals and halters sit behind their ears. Their manes and tails I just thin. I want to make sure where the collar rests on their necks, the hair is thin so as not to make a sore spot when working. The thinned manes and tails makes for a good look… at least in my opinion.

When the rains fall or the wind blows, having a project is a good thing. Otherwise I find myself sucked into some time wasting endeavor like watching TV. It’s much better to have something to do and if that something to do involves draft horses…count me in!