Bird’s Eye View
December 22, 2017, 12:03 pm
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December 22, 2017

Last October during a family harvest party, our grandson Jonathan brought his drone and took pictures of the farm. As I look at the pictures, I am very pleased. The harvest is complete. The compost has been spread on the fields where needed. The speltz crop is up and growing well. The pastures have all been clipped and stand ready for winter.

I am very thankful to family and friends who helped to get the farm ready for winter. My knee replacements are healing and doing well. It helps me mentally to know that things are well, jobs are complete and the promise of spring can be seen all over the farm.

The back of the farm too shows the work that has been done and the beauty that is this farm. A pile of lumber in the photo, is now a barn addition that houses the last of the equipment that once had to sit outside all winter long. Again, friends and family pitched in to make this all happen.

drone 2

As we close in on Christmas and the end of the year, I am very happy to share the gift of this farm with everyone. We are blessed, I, most certainly am! I pray that this farm and the example I set here, helps not only the people closest to me, but reaches out to others too. These photos are not meant to brag, but rather to say thank you to many and to show that anything is possible….Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Farm Play Date
December 31, 2016, 10:40 am
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December 31, 2016

Last night, I stopped to see my youngest son. My grandson asked, “play farm, Pa-pa?” I couldn’t resist. It’s awesome to play with my grandchildren. Over Christmas I got to play suction cup arrows and bullets, as I target shot with John and Rachel. That never gets old!

What I thought was wonderful about last night’s play date, was the way my grandson and his daddy had set up their farmstead. A big old wooden barn stood close to a new plastic one. We played awhile, setting up animals and moving them from pasture to pasture. There was no doubt that my grandson preferred the old barn to the newer one. The little wooden stalls inside were where the horses lived.

The old wooden barn belonged to my son. We bought it for him when he was about three year’s old. It was made by an Amish boy who was afflicted by mental retardation. The young Amish man made toys and wooden eveners for horse drawn equipment. I had gone there to buy a set of eveners, also called double trees, when I spotted the handmade wooden barn.

The old barn has doors on both sides that open and close. Inside there are two tie stalls for a team of draft horses. There is also a short row manger where the cows would stand to be milked. The large haymow has a loose hay trolley system that used eye hooks, string and a metal piece that served as the “harpoon” for the hay. A rod goes from end to end in the haymow. When the string is threaded through the eye hooks and out the opposite end from the large hay door, the “harpoon” can be let down to the wagon and pulled up, then in to the barn as it slides along the rod in the peak of the barn. This worked just as the old Louden hay carriers did.

I brought the old barn out of our basement and gave it to my grandson. He is almost three now too. There was just as much excitement on his face, when he saw they barn, as there was twenty seven years ago when his daddy first got it. The memory was priceless.

As I kneeled on the ground to play farm, my thoughts drifted to “Elmer” the toy maker who worked steadily on his wooden toys. Elmer passed many years ago, but his kindness and the joy from his handmade toys, will last for generations. Elmer had only “ability”, not “disability”, may God bless his soul.


Leaning on a Buddy
March 22, 2013, 8:44 am
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Ben and King taking a break

Ben and King taking a break

March 22, 2013

It is a wonderful thing to have friends that you can count upon. I am thankful for friends who hold me up. The understanding of someone close to you, is often enough to get you through a tough time … even if they don’t say a word.

I spoke to a friend of mine this morning. He has been dealing with some life chaging events for quite a while now. A weaker man would have crumbled, possibly given up. My pal, however, keeps finding the better things to think about. Sure, he has down days, but he puts those days aside and dwells on the good.

I hope that I am a friend he can lean on. I hope that I brighten his days when I write or call. I am amazed though, how much he lifts me up. He is an inspriation. His quiet strength is something to behold. He takes everything in stride, appreciates every new day and finds the good everywhere he looks. There are many leaasons in that line of thinking 😮

In the photo, King tries to sit on Ben’s lap. The boy is not so sure, but the dog knows who he can count on. Trust is a wonderful thing. I think sometimes it takes getting your heart broken, or having your trust violated, to make you understand just what a precious gift trust can be.

As much as I like folks whom I can lean on, I hope to be thought of as the kind of guy who people count, when they count their blessings. I want to be the gift to others, not the self absorbed guy who nobody wants to see coming. Some days I have to work on this pretty hard 😮

I guess my message is… be the friend..that you want others to be!