What the Heck?
January 14, 2017, 10:43 pm
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January 14, 2017

We are having a very crazy winter. Usually we are buried in snow and most things are frozen solid. Sure we do get a usual “January Thaw” but this year is nuts! This view from my living room window, shows the snow all melted and the effects of an inch and a quarter of rain. We went from frozen to mud in just two days!

Our pond is now full. The pasture however, does not usually contain a river. It is making things difficult. Traversing the mud just takes the fun out of everything. Even the dog is a muddy mess, as well as, my boots…and we won’t even talk about the breezeway.

Maple syrup season is just six weeks away for us in a normal year. This year however, is far from normal. It is making me second guess too many things. I have decided to continue to do what is normal without paying attention to the weather. I get peace of mind that way. But I will say…it sure makes sled riding a whole lot tougher!

Starting to Pile up
January 5, 2013, 8:53 pm
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Up past the windows already

Up past the windows already

                                                              January 5, 2013

     The snow is piling up, but it’s making for some great fun. Today we hitched Duke to a cart and drove him around the farm. My hired man wants to learn to be a draft horse teamster. We are working in that direction. He drove quite a while today. I had the pleasure of watching another young man start to get the draft horse bug.

     We drove out through the woods to see where we needed to clear fallen tree limbs from the sap roads. It was a nice drive. There is a bit of work waiting on us. No big deal, we will get it cleaned up soon. It did make for a bumpy ride now and then, but we all survived 😮

     A couple of good days and we can have the fallen stuff cleaned up. We can also have branches that would be “face slappers” trimmed back. I also want to widen a few places in the road. Road building and maintenance is a constant job, by a fun one for sure…. at least I think so!

     It is warm outside right now. I just finished chores and the thermometer reads right at freezing 32 degrees. It is much warmer than we have had for several days.. I kind of miss the cold. I think it’s good for us.

     Snow is in the forecast for next week, as is a warm spell. The weatherman is even calling it the “January Thaw”… Really!? it has only been cold for a week. These young guys never saw the winters back in the late seventies I guess…if they did, they’d know what a pile of snow really looks like! and how welcomed a thaw can be!