Safe and Secure
May 31, 2017, 10:23 pm
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May 31, 2017

My almost three year old grandson is a stickler for keeping the gates closed. He knows which gates are normally open, as well as, the ones that are usually closed. He does not like to see one that is usually closed, in the open position. It’s okay if we are moving livestock, but a random open gate really bothers this young man.

I guess that I am where my grandson gets his ideas from. I close gates behind me. I insist that others do too. If you go through a gate and it is closed, then the expectation is that you close and latch it behind you. We live on a busy road. There is not a┬átime when livestock are welcomed there. I also don’t like them stomping holes in the lawn or other mischief.

Our oil well tender man is also very careful with our gates. I am grateful to him as well. I guess much of our farm life revolves around opening and closing gates. I have many because we move livestock often, from pasture to pasture. I need things to be easy, especially with my advancing age! Our cattle and even the sow herd knows where to go, all because of our gates. They make life easy and keep all of us safe and secure.

My little next door farmer keeps a watchful eye for open gates and anything amiss. I too am wary of strange things or stuff out of place. I notice things that are different and have done so from an early age. I see part of myself in this little guy…that knowledge also makes me feel safe and secure.

Pitching In
May 18, 2014, 1:09 pm
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Hauling a load of saw logs for a friend

Hauling a load of saw logs for a friend

May 18, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I hauled a load of logs to a sawmill for a friend. He had lumber made to finish his hay mow floor. I did it just because he asked me to do it. Our friendship has been a long one with give and take on both sides. It works best that way. Pitching in to help a friend makes a guy feel good too!

Yesterday, was our company’s community project. Seventy plus people gathered under stormy skies to make a small difference in the community. I would say that the improvements we made were huge.

Flowerbeds were created and plants planted. Low spots were filled with dirt and planted back to grass. White paint flowed like water as benches and bleachers were made new again. People worked like bees as all of us worked on a football field for “midget footballers”.

Mulch was spread everywhere on flowerbeds and fence edges. Weedeaters and mowers made short work of the grass and weeds, while lopers made blisters, as old vines were cut from the chain link fence.

Smiles and chatter were the order of the day. The old field was made new again. The concession stand was painted, repaired and adorned with new counter tops. Signs were placed on the outside wall, naming each team that plays and will play on the field.

American flags were placed and one great big “old glory” hangs from a flagpole, illuminated even at night. The efforts from many hands could be seen all over that field. Folks all agreed that the biggest reason we were there…was for the kids. I know that was the only reason that I was there!

Pitching in ... It matters!

Pitching in … It matters!