Chop Chop
November 5, 2016, 7:56 pm
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November 5, 2016

The corn has been picked, so I moved on to another project that has been bugging me. These big maple trunks and a few still left from the old white oak tree needed to be split. They are too large for me to man handle anymore. Some pieces of the white oak were over five feet in diameter. This tree is sizable as well. I traded labor for the use of my neighbor’s skidsteer mounted logsplitter. He sent his son and the machine.


The splitter hangs upside down. The machine grabs a piece and slices through it in seconds. I just needed the large chunks to be small enough so that I can finish processing them. He did a great job. I sawed a few more large logs while he worked. He caught up to me on the last log. In just three hours we reduced big hulking logs to manageable firewood pieces.


Chop chop, what a great day. I can have this all cleaned up by the end of the week. What another beautiful fall day.

Sorting out the good stuff
June 8, 2013, 7:42 pm
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Logs ready to go to the landing

Logs ready to go to the landing

June 8, 2013

These logs pictured were waiting to be skidded to the landing. They are nice logs, so it was easy to choose them. The thing is, every log must be hauled out of the woods…sort of a “no child left behind” thing.

I am careful to get everything I can out of a felled tree. I do not want to waste anything. The tree tops and branches will make great firewood. The same thing goes for any split piece or crooked spot in a trunk. I use it all.

In life we get to sort out the good stuff a little easier. I guess better to say that we can choose to dwell on the positives, look for good and let the rest roll off our backs like water off a duck.

Sure some stuff has to be dealt with no matter what, but much better to think about great memories and ice cream. I know that I am still sorting it all out… but… I choose to be happy.   😮