Mom’s Day
May 10, 2013, 8:09 pm
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Wait up mom!

Wait up mom!


May 10, 2013


These little calves will some day go off to freezer camp. They will become delicious, grass feed, ground beef. Now, however, they are little bottle babies that think I am their mother. They make sorting the sheep a challenge as they bound after me.

I can’t help but think about my own mother. It is that time of year. I have to believe that mothers hold a near and dear place in God’s heart, for even his own son had a mother. The bond between mother and child is like no other.

My mom used to say, “Step on my feet when they are little. Step on my heart when they are big.” She was talking about us kids of course. I never thought about stepping on her heart, but I guess I did a time or two. I know she had a hard time giving me up when I married.

I know that leaving home, entering the world all on my own, was much easier done knowing that she was just a phone call away. She healed skinned knees, bumped heads and broken hearts. I will always miss her, but I am so very glad to have had her in my life … she cared when nobody else did …sometimes even more than my own self.

I will never wonder what she thought of me…her love was unconditional … even when I didn’t deserve it. I still find strength and comfort in her words. Now, call your mother… she needs it and so do you ūüėģ


The Introduction
April 22, 2013, 4:02 am
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Two families... getting to know each other

Two families… getting to know each other

April 22, 2013


Yesterday, we put two sows and their babies together. The semi-outdoor space is a good place for them to live. They get sunshine and fresh air in a large covered pen. The piglets get to roam all over our feedlot and an adjoining paddock. They have much to explore while being kept out of harm’s way.

The two mothers are friends, but where family is concerned, you just never know! This meeting went very well. The two moms remembered each other and were soon grunting their approval of one another. The babies were very happy to meet each other.

The babies, seventeen in all, were soon racing and chasing in a game of tag. They rooted around, played and even had little fights, as they got to know each other. Once the¬†moms laid down to nurse … the mob divided while each baby latched on to a dinner plate ūüėģ

It wasn’t long after that until all the little ones were fast asleep in the straw. I can say that the introduction is complete.

Quiet in the Nursery
December 8, 2012, 3:48 pm
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17 babies all fast asleep

17 babies all fast asleep

                                                          December 8, 2012

     Yesterday, we weaned the baby piglets from their mothers. The two litters equal seventeen babies. They fussed and fought a little yesterday , as they worked out the pecking order, but all is quiet in the nursery today.

     You have to look close, maybe even click on the picture to enlarge it, but the babies are all there. Some like to sleep all piled up with their siblings. The others prefer to hide under the straw, safe and warm. It is always funny to me that they can hide so well.

¬†¬†¬†¬† I made a little noise and tomorrow you can see more of the mob as they scrambled from “the big bad wolf”…me ūüėģ These little ones will soon be ready to go to new homes. Some we will keep, but others have been spoken for and will be gone in another week or two.

¬†¬†¬†¬† The little boys have all been altered. The piglets¬†will now continue to learn to eat and drink on their own. They have been picking at grain for quite a while now, but up until yesterday, could fall back on their mother’s milk. They are adjusting and doing well.

     The last thing will be a vaccination shot and a dose of medicine to rid them of worms. Then the race to finish will start. They will be headed for freezer camp in about four months. I do plan to keep a couple of little girls to become part of our sow herd. Raising our own babies makes it so that I know every thing my pork has had to eat, and any problem what so ever, from the womb to the tomb. I want it that way.

     The mothers are resting in pens nearby. They are a bit sore today from enlarged breasts. The milk will soon go down and be absorbed back into their bodies. They will feel much better, so much better in fact, that the old boar will look attractive to them again. Then the cycle of life will repeat itself, in just a few days.