Bedded and Shedded
November 19, 2016, 9:11 pm
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November 19, 2016

After a cold rainy day, the snow is starting to swirl on the wind. The icy pellets stung my cheeks as I did chores tonight. It was nice to be in the warm barns feeding and caring for the animals. The pigs were all nestling down into their straw beds as I shut the doors and turned out the lights. The horses quietly munched on their hay as they stood knee deep in fresh bedding.

The cats were licking their paws and our dog laid in the hay watching me as I finished chores. I swept the aisle and hung up the broom. I sat down next to the dog and petted him on the head. I sat in silence, reflecting upon the last several days.

All of our farm equipment has been cleaned, lubricated and put away. Even the equipment that we will be using in the coming months has been given a space indoors for winter. I managed to store my horse drawn farm tools all together in my shop close to the horse barn. I can easily get out the pieces that I want to use and put them away when done.

The cows and sheep have been moved to their winter pastures. The horses have now started their rotation where they are inside at night and outside during the day. These cold nasty nights, when the winds and snows buffet the buildings , it is very peaceful to watch the animals enjoy the warmth of stall and stable. I listen to them chew, pet the dog and take comfort in knowing they are all bedded and shedded.

Work Bench?
March 6, 2016, 11:13 am
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work bench

March 6, 2016

Yesterday, it was cold, windy and damp. I decided to work inside. I have been putting off a project of building a work bench. I finished that job with a little help from my hired man. I am not sure just how much work will get done, but at least I have a flat place to pile stuff  🙂

I am not a carpenter. I can stick pieces of wood together and every now and then, am pleased with my efforts. Out of the wind and cold yesterday, I was very pleased.

A big warm up looms on the weather front. We syrup makers are a bit tense, hoping for some cold nights along the way. We will be ok for the first few days. The trees are frozen again, so all is well as they wake up. IF the warm stays around, it could mean the end of the season, but we shall see. It is early March and the trees and mother nature know what they are doing…..we are just invited along for the ride.


I will enjoy the warmth and wait patiently.