Under His Watchful Eyes


July 7, 2018

We had this Highland War Chief carved from a dying sycamore tree stump. The man who carved it, Bob Anderson, from Rock Creek, Ohio did an amazing job. We chose the Highlander due to my Scottish heritage. We picked the pose. This war chief now stands to watch over the farm.

There is much more to this story… Bob credits his talent to our Heavenly Father, but also to his Earthly father. You see, Bob was taught as a small boy to whittle small animals and people by his dad. They would whittle faces into walking sticks as they talked about life and all the things that turn small boys into men. Bob has taken a fun hobby to the next level. He is an artist, a true craftsman and a humble man.

He started with this stump


He painted some crude lines and reference points on the face of the stump


He would look at a picture of the Highland dress as he chainsawed from time to time


Our War Chief started to take shape. Bob worked steadily, pausing to look at the wood and ponder his next move.


The tree grew close to the sugarhouse making it a little difficult for Bob to work on the back side, but you would never know. He carved onward reaching inside himself for skills that were learned many years ago.


Once he had shaped the sculpture as far as he wanted with the chainsaw, he went to work with small tools, sanders and his vivid set of skills. What was once a dying stump has been turned in to a work of art. We are very pleased. I think my ancestors are pleased as well. I had the vision, but Bob Anderson has the expertise. His wood carving prowess exemplified under the watchful eye of his father, now taken to the next level by his own desires, is an awesome thing to see.



I recommend Bob Anderson highly. He creates many wooden sculptures in his studio just north of Rock Creek on state route 45. He will do commissioned pieces as well. Look for his pieces at places like the Medievel Faire¬† or even on the square in Mesopotamia Ohio. Bob carved Paul Bunyan¬† in the white oak stump by the “End of the Commons” General Store.

Highland Games
September 7, 2014, 11:27 am
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Caber Toss 2014

Caber Toss 2014

September 7, 2014

Yesterday, my bride and I , attended the Highland Games in Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. We had a great time watching the events and especially listening to the bagpipes and drums. We will, for sure, go again next year.

My wife has been reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Connie has been enthralled for over five years. I told her that I am of Scottish heritage. She giggled and thought nothing more of it.

Now, the “Stars” network is running a mini series, called Outlander, based upon the books written by Ms.Gabaldon. The series has taken the world by storm. Many women are looking for a Jamie of their own!

The premise is that a lady touches a stone, like those formed at Stonehenge, and falls through time to the same place…but 200 years earlier. Where she meets a band of Highlanders. The lady, Claire, has to fit in, while also trying to get back to her home and in her time.
The story has everything, romance, excitement, blood and guts and appeals to both men and women alike. I admit, that I too am a fan!

I did a search through family tree and the internet. I found my Scottish lineage and the clan from which I came. The story is fascinating to me. It shows once again, that I barely made it here today. My Scottish clan is Clan Davidson. We were almost wiped out in 1370, barely escaped the Battle of Invernahavon.

I know my clan tartan (plaid of my kilt) and my family crest, a stag’s head. I embrace my heritage, through my mother’s father. It explains a lot about me. I am stubborn. I like the status quo. I am resilient. I, above all else, believe in freedom and all the joy that comes with it.

So, here I am today. I survived the Battle of Invernahavon. I was conceived out-of-wedlock, yet kept by my young parents, at a time when such things were not talked about. I am hoping all of this history was not in vain. That I have made, and am making, a difference in the world that I touch.

It is funny to me that my mother’s people descended from the Highland of Scotland, on the shores of Loch Lomond. She found love in my father, whose people came from Appalachia. They too were of Scotch-Irish decent, with a little German mixed in. Yep, we’re a tough lot!

You go girl!

You go girl!