Steering and Brakes


September 23, 2018

A week ago, I broke the old wooden tongue on my powercart. I use this cart to power equipment, while being pulled by my horses. When the tongue snapped, I was only backing it into position. I was in no danger. I unhooked the horses and quit for that day. Upon inspection of my set-up, I realized that I could have been in a bad accident, had the tongue broke while I was working the horses.

I completely revamped my tongue and hitch point. I also looked at what was available to us draft horse guys and changed the way I switch from a two horse hitch to a three horse hitch. The “Z” laying on the ground gets inserted where the tongue is currently. The tongue then gets moved to the “Z” piece. The “Z” is the right spacing to move the horses over and align with a three horse evener.

I also chose to use steel instead of wood for the tongue. There are many times when I am pulling very heavy loads with the power cart, like when picking corn with a wagon behind the picker. I sure don’t want the tongue to break causing me to lose both steering and brakes. The tongue does both jobs on a wagon or in this case powercart. You see, knowing where you are going and knowing you can stop is important in driving and in life! I feel much better now.


Hopefully, this is a better view. The lower hitch pin in the picture is where the eveners hook to the cart.

Here is a picture with the powercart hooked to a brush hog, for folks who have not seen one of these carts power tractor equipment. The horses supply the traction power. The powercart supplies the PTO, three-point hitch and hydraulics when needed.


Spring Application
April 3, 2016, 4:06 pm
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April 3, 2016

We were hauling compost until the rains and now snow have made the fields too wet. We do not spread manure or compost on fields that are wet or snow covered. I want the nutrients to stay in place where the plants can use them. Being cautious when applying soil amendments goes a long way in the art of sustainability.

I have switched the powercart over for three horses. They will be hitched three abreast. The job is much easier for them, but also allows me to work all three horses. We have a good time working. The usual warm spring days will soon return. We will be ready once the paddocks dry out again. In the meantime….there is always firewood to work on!

Getting it all done!
May 9, 2013, 9:36 am
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Taking a short break

Taking a short break

May 9, 2013

What a week this has been so far! We have been working our butts off as they say 😮 The spring plowing has all been completed. The logging job is nearing completion and several small projects have been finished. It is good to be caught up again.

Last night we got a nice rain. The pasture grasses and newly planted oats all got a welcomed drink of water. Today the air is cool making for a great day to work. I am off to a late start, but started none the less. The rain has slowed the soil prep work , but we are on track again, so it is less worrisome.

Corn planting will dominate the next little while, but first I must get the seed, and make a modification to our corn planter. The seed has been ordered since last fall, but at last check, it was still not in? The modification to my corn planter is for the row markers. I hope to plant better once the row spacing has been set. The horses and powercart will plant this year. I’m looking forward to that!