April Delay
April 30, 2019, 4:34 pm
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April 30, 2019

Well, the rain keeps falling here in northeast Ohio. Plowing for the next few days has been delayed again. The grass is growing very well, but the soil is very wet. I am glad for the growing pastures and hay fields, so will just smile as I wait for drying conditions.


The soil is turning nicely when we can do it. The field should be a nice seedbed for the coming corn crop.I could drain this water quickly, but doing so will let a lot of soil and nutrients escape from my farm. I keep a sod strip between me and the road ditch as I try to be a responsible land steward. I don’t want to pollute any water sources downstream of my farm.

This rain has stopped all field work, but other projects rise to the top of the list. We are also working on filling the sugarhouse woodshed for the 2020 maple syrup season. We still have a bit to go, but it is filling quickly. We had a good day last Saturday splitting and stacking for a few hours. We had lots of help and the job went quick and smooth. Just two short rows to go and the woodshed will be full. A great job to have done before other seasonal jobs take our time.


Progress is a wonderful thing. We will wait on the rains to ease, but we won’t just sit around and watch it fall. This farming life gives us plenty of opportunity to use other skills and equipment. I may even work on some forging projects, but first to complete the woodshed filling job!

Unexpected Help
September 18, 2013, 9:44 am
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The sows have been plowing while I was busy

The sows have been plowing while I was busy

September 18, 2013

Fall is fast approaching and I am still scrambling to get my summer jobs completed. That two month rain delay really set me back 😮 Things are coming together, however, and I may even be ready for winter yet!

It is time to get the soil ready to plant speltz. I will pick up my seed this afternoon. I am hoping the weather continues to cooperate. It looks good for the next week, so my fingers are crossed!

Yesterday, while working on firewood, I noticed that the sows and boar had really worked up their paddock. It is rooted up to beat the band. There are drifts of dirt and straw stubble all over the field. It looks as if I had plowed it. So all this time while I have been fretting how I was going to get my work done … the hogs have been busy helping me to catch up 😮

The field they are in right now, will be planted to a mixture of rye, white clover and tall fescue. The fescue is a new variety. It is soft leafed and endophyte-free. It is formulated for beef, sheep and horses. It makes a tough sod base and holds up well for rotational grazing. It is FSM Brand “HQ-F” available through Fowler Seed Marketing in Rock Creek , Ohio.

I hope to plow this week for speltz too. The fescue field will be disced, leveled and planted by broadcasting. The whole affair should only take the horses and I one day to complete. Much better , thanks to the sows. The speltz will take 3 or 4 days and involve the tractor. The grain drill will be pulled by the horses, it makes me enjoy the fall planting season much more!

Things are shaping up to have a “frolic” here to cut, split and stack wood for the sugarhouse. Once again, unexpected help, will be greatly appreciated and much enjoyed!