Brrrr.. Cold Again
February 19, 2013, 8:04 pm
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Steaming Nostrils

Steaming Nostrils

February 19, 2013

After a warming trend over night and into the early morning … It’s cold outside again! I got all excited thinking we would be boiling sap, but the trees didn’t run much. What did come out is frozen. Looks like we will be waiting for the weekend warm up they say is coming.

I had great plans for today but they went out the window when the cold wave came bristling through. I like the cold, but I was not ready for today. I tried to shift gears and do other things, but my will was on the brisk wind…fleeting at best.

Coffee goes very well with cold days…especially when sipped at the kitchen table while looking outside 😮 I did get some important errands done. I, along with hundreds of other county residents, paid our real estate taxes. I know this because we were all in line together! The Treasurer’s girls did a great job and the line moved quickly…much to the delight of everyone.

I am enjoying some time off from work so hot or cold … they are great days! This roller coaster weather is just what we need for sap, but the daytime highs need to creep up just a bit more. Summing up tonight in just one word … Brrrr covers it pretty well.