November Highlights
November 23, 2022, 10:52 am
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November 23, 2022

Here in northeast Ohio, we get some fantastic sunsets in the autumn and early winter. My sister Mindy, loved them. She had many photos she had taken over the years in scrapbooks. Mindy has passed from this world, but every time I see a pretty sunset, I feel her in my heart.

That feeling fills my world for just a brief second, but resonates across my soul. Her birthday was yesterday. I captured these shots then. How fitting!

In other news, I have been busily working to get my younger sister Charlie’s house built. Getting materials and services has been a challenge, but things continue to move forward. We were able to finish the exterior siding Monday. The house is now closed in. What a relief. After a nine week lead time, we even got the garage door installed.

The back of the house.

The garage door, simple yet attractive.

The front porch, with vinyl stone entryway. It is a low maintenance option that won’t need paint and should last a lifetime.

The walkout deck and covered patio is taking shape. A few jobs, like pouring the patio and sidewalks, will wait until spring. My hope is to have her in soon with a few plans for next year once the weather breaks again.

This has been a big project. I am a jack of all trades, but master of none. I have been humbled several times, but I keep moving forward. We can now move to the inside where insulation and drywall are the next efforts. I am satisfied so far. We broke ground on July 5th. I’m pushing hard to be able to have her in by Christmas time.