Moving Men
July 4, 2016, 3:33 pm
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July 4, 2016

Our grandson is spending most of the summer with us. He is from Montana. He is fifteen years old. He is learning all sorts of things like animal husbandry, field and forestry management and moving round bales with the skidsteer. He moves bales, while I move a boy closer to manhood.

He will be good for me. I explain things as we do them. I forgot how many questions a young man can ask, but so far I have been able to keep up. We are accomplishing things in short order. I am looking forward to teaching him more things. We will get acquainted with the small square baler next week. He thinks it will be great fun because of some “farm app” on his phone. I will not push too hard, but let’s just say the work is much different than a game on a phone.

After that the woodshed will get filled. We will have a lot of fun with that, because we make a game of it and invite lots of friends to help. Sure we work, but we do have a frolic while doing it. The summer will fly by, much too fast, but we will have a great time. I have had the good fortune to make a positive difference in quite a few young men. I am proud of all of them!

Baled out!
October 11, 2014, 8:21 pm
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October 11, 2014

The big round bales are all small square ones now. The mow is mostly full and I am very pleased to have this job done for another year. My kids and grandkids and several friends, over the last three days, came to my aid and … baled me out! 😮

Today, a couple of my friends met here at eight o’clock. We started baling and it went very well. We were all finished by lunchtime. I then went to their farm and helped pick corn for the afternoon. We finished that job too. So, both of us, traded labor and managed to get more done than any of us thought possible.

Tonight, I will sleep well. I am tired, stiff and even a little sore, but my mind and heart will rest easy, knowing that this work is behind us. There are many farm jobs to do, but the hay tools can now all be cleaned, lubricated and put away…and that is a very good thing!

Wrapping up the season
October 9, 2014, 5:28 pm
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Josh and his wife help with the hay

Josh and his wife help with the hay

October 9,2014

The season will soon be closing in, with snow all around us. We are taking advantage of these nice October days to wrap things up. We spent much of yesterday making small square bales out of larger round ones. It seems like a lot of work, but the effort is well worth it. Those small square bales come in very handy on a wet, freezing, rainy night. I only do the horse hay this way and a few second cutting bales for the baby calves.

It is peace of mind in summer as I rush around the field making large round bales, as I make hay while the sun shines. It is mostly a one man show here, so making round bales lets me get our hay made all by myself. However, it does make things very nice when we can have extra hands to make the small square bales. We had a good time. It was cool and breezy. The children played all day and even helped some too. It is real nice to be in a hay mow when its cool and comfortable, still the same amount of work,but the coolness makes it a nice job.

Another wonderful thing that happened yesterday, was finding out that I had fixed the baler. I had recently replaced a broken spring. That spring. That $8.00 spring has caused me aggravation for over 3 seasons! I simply couldn’t figure it out. Wow, what a difference! We only missed tieing two bales yesterday and both of them were my fault!

This job continues but we made great progress. I think I will have it all squared away before the weather turns wet again…at least that’s my hope