January 27, 2014, 9:24 pm
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Knight and Duke sipping water

Knight and Duke sipping water

January 27, 2014

   This cold snap makes it a tough job keeping all the animal’s water thawed. I have a tank heater that works overtime to keep things de-iced. I dip water from the tank to water the rest of the animals. I have to swing gates so the cattle can drink from here free choice too, but it all works out.

   I also keep a spare tank heater, just in case. It has proven a good thing to do. The one that I am using always breaks during a cold snap or when I’m working my off-farm job. There is peace of mind having a few spare parts!

   I have a plan and design for a solar powered chicken water heater. I just need some time to build it and a few solar pieces to make it all work. The hens will be grateful. I carry warm water to them twice a day, but nothing says refreshment like free choice!

   We are bracing for another dip below zero. The snow is quite deep and drifts abound. The wind howls and rattles many things. The piggies are all buried in straw, snug and warm. The cows are in their shelter and only peak out to see what I’m up to, but keep chewing their cuds as they lay on a straw bed.

   The sheep couldn’t care less about the cold. They simply chew and watch whatever is going on, as they lay warm in their wool coats. The cats sleep snuggled up in a ball, on the hay. I’m thinking full bellies and warm beds are good for everybody…of course a good refreshment now and then doesn’t hurt either.  😮