The Benefit of a Good Outlet
April 10, 2014, 9:10 pm
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Clear water from our drainage tile

Clear water from our drainage tile

April 10,2014

The importance of a good outlet can not be overstated. Of course it is important for farm tiles and culverts, but a good place to drain the stress of life is awesome! I like to think that I have several, but when it all comes down to it…there is just one place. That place is here on my farm.

Sometimes it is the woods where my problems are sorted and drained away. Other times it is under the shade of the porch where the stresses of the day melt away. Usually, I am talking to an animal or a whole bunch of them. They listen well and almost never talk back. One in a while a horse will say … “neigh”, but not often 😮

I don’t care where you live or what you do, a place to blow off steam or perhaps just sit and have a good cry should be in everybody’s life. I think holding too much stuff inside is unhealthy and will lead to an early death. We humans, simply have to let go…otherwise we eat ourselves up.

I had to wake up two times in a hospital bed, before I realized to let things go that I cannot change. Some people simply can’t find that realization…the cemetery is full of them. They leave behind family and friends, because they couldn’t let work issues or changes in government or politics roll off their backs.

Just life and family can give you stuff to fuss about. Reach out, try, it will work out or not…you cannot change it. You have to just let things go. Destiny will be whatever it will be. We can’t change it, but we can let it go, hope for the best and forget about it.

The main thing, is to learn to give up what you cannot change. Turn over your concerns to a higher power and quit worrying about it yourself. I give my problems to God. Sometimes things work out and I get what I wanted, other times I don’t. I just have to trust that however it works out… that is the way it is supposed to be… I will leave it alone.

The best thing in my case is that I have several places where I can go and think. I guess that it is also good that I have learned to let things go. Of course, it wasn’t easy…but I did learn it! I encourage you to find a special place where you can go, relax and think. Perhaps it is the beach or a park or just a quiet place in your house…it is not important where it is…it’s only important that you find it!

Solitude… Among Friends
November 11, 2013, 8:24 pm
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A moment alone with my pals

A moment alone with my pals

November 11, 2013

   We finished getting the sugarwood hauled and stacked. The wood shed has only one row left to go. That place I will cut some fast burning slab wood for times when I need a quick “pick-me-up”…in the heat department.

   I am so very happy to have the woodshed filled. It is a relief. The weather is turning bad as I write. Cold rain pelts the window and snow is forecasted for later tonight. All the split, chunk and round wood is now stacked and curing under the metal roof…did I say I was happy? 😮

   As we were loading the wood, I had a chance to daydream. It was as if I was alone in the woods. I was looking at the park like setting we have now created. A project that started last February when I cut the crooked, undesirable, cull trees from the little sugar maple grove.

   I believe this will become one of my most favorite places on my farm. The trees will soon grow large and shady. The branches will stretch and provide a quiet place to sit and reflect. It will be much like a church. A quiet place, filled with life, where God touches everything in sight.