Keeping My Word
December 7, 2014, 7:29 pm
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Knight says, "You talking to me?"

Knight says, “You talking to me?”

December 7, 2014

Yesterday, I finished cutting, splitting and hauling firewood for a man who I have known since childhood. His son and I are friends and have been for a very long time. The man’s son moved to a neighboring state. I told my friend not to worry that I would make sure his dad got his firewood in each year.

The man who gets the wood was a block mason. I have seen him grab a twelve-inch concrete block, mortar the edges and form a wall. He could do that all day long. His grip was like a vise. His arms looked like “Popeye’s”. He was one of the strongest men I even knew.

Today, those hands are crippled, worn from hard work and old age. The man is near eighty years old, but still cuts much of his firewood. He hunts and traps much of the winter, trudging through snow and mud satisfying his very soul. He is an inspiration to watch. He is a tough old bird who defies pain and a broken hand to accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

I take him a large pile of split and seasoned wood. This year’s loads were white oak and ash wood. The pieces are gnarly , twisted and hard. They burn long and hot and warm the old man’s hearth almost as much as my memories of him, warm my heart. Taking wood to him is an honor. I am glad it worked out this way.  Keeping my word, is important to me, but this job has nothing to do with that… I get great pleasure from pulling up with a loaded trailer full of wood. The smile on the old man’s face says more than he ever could.

Thanks John, for letting me help your dad. My father has passed, this simple gesture of looking after this small job for your father, makes me feel good. I remember helping my dad and grandpa get wood for grandpa’s house. It was a good time. Helping your dad takes me back to that time. There is a lot of warmth in that wood…