The Table is Set
December 6, 2013, 9:43 am
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An expectant momma

An expectant momma

December 6, 2013

   The mom in this picture had her piglets last night. She has been waddling around for almost a week. I take it very slow and easy when moving her. She took it all in stride, waiting patiently for the arrival of her babies. The table was set for fourteen and she had nine, so there is plenty to choose from…although the unused ones will dry up.

   Sows are selected when they are small gilts (little girl pigs) One of the criteria is for her to have fourteen teats. I have had a sow give birth to fourteen once, but she only raised thirteen…I called them the “dirty dozen”, after all they were a “baker’s dozen”.  😮

   A cold winter blast is expected to hit us in the next few days. I am glad to have had both litters born this last week, when we were enjoying temperatures in the fifties. The nests the sows built are large, warm and dry. The youngsters are doing well. It’s funny how they know to burrow down and cover up with the straw.

   I think to break it down to the simplest terms most homes and moms are the same. Moms busy themselves making sure the house is neat and tidy. They protect us from cold and damp. Our beds are cozy and warm and nothing in this world turns a house into a home faster than a …set table and warm food 😮