That Worried Look
March 30, 2015, 6:27 pm
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Is the season soon to end?

Is the season soon to end?

March 30,2015

Okay, so now it is warming up. The sap is running good today. It will drop below freezing tonight. This is perfect weather for making maple syrup. As I look at the extended forecast, I see a stretch of warmer, wet weather without a drop below freezing. If the weatherman is correct, that could be the end of our season…… Oh what am I saying…a correct weatherman? This year? I guess I am worried about nothing at all!  😮

The trees, I am sure, are just as ready for spring as we are. They will want to bud soon. A few warm wet days could make that happen, but right now the calendar says late March, but everything thing else says early March. I guess we will all see. I have not heard spring peeper frogs yet, so I am not too worried yet.

I am looking forward to seeing the grass start to green up, but I would like to make more syrup. This is when you realize that we are not in charge. So, I will take what we are given and who knows…we may still get a bumper crop! After all the real “Weatherman”  knows exactly when the season will end…. I will just do as he lets me and be thankful for what even that may be!