Bedded and Shedded
November 19, 2016, 9:11 pm
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November 19, 2016

After a cold rainy day, the snow is starting to swirl on the wind. The icy pellets stung my cheeks as I did chores tonight. It was nice to be in the warm barns feeding and caring for the animals. The pigs were all nestling down into their straw beds as I shut the doors and turned out the lights. The horses quietly munched on their hay as they stood knee deep in fresh bedding.

The cats were licking their paws and our dog laid in the hay watching me as I finished chores. I swept the aisle and hung up the broom. I sat down next to the dog and petted him on the head. I sat in silence, reflecting upon the last several days.

All of our farm equipment has been cleaned, lubricated and put away. Even the equipment that we will be using in the coming months has been given a space indoors for winter. I managed to store my horse drawn farm tools all together in my shop close to the horse barn. I can easily get out the pieces that I want to use and put them away when done.

The cows and sheep have been moved to their winter pastures. The horses have now started their rotation where they are inside at night and outside during the day. These cold nasty nights, when the winds and snows buffet the buildings , it is very peaceful to watch the animals enjoy the warmth of stall and stable. I listen to them chew, pet the dog and take comfort in knowing they are all bedded and shedded.

Do They Really Talk?
December 24, 2013, 2:39 pm
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Pigs in a blanket?

Pigs in a blanket?

December 24, 2013

   The sows in the photo are all nursing babies right now, but they were sure enjoying a little slumber when this photo was taken 😮

   Tonight is Christmas Eve. They old timers used to say that, “The animals talk at midnight on Christmas Eve!” Many times over the years I have tried to witness this fact.

   I can tell you that if you sit on a hay bale in the barn, waiting for midnight, it doesn’t work. The animals know that I am there and they won’t say a word. I have also missed it before, because I fell asleep waiting on the midnight chime…they probably talked that night, but I was in dreamland and missed it!

   You can’t sneak up on the stable in the crunchy snow either. The critters have good ears, they hear you coming a mile away. You can’t cough or trip over the dog…both will alert the animals. They are crafty beasts with an ancient secret…but I believe, they do talk at midnight on Christmas Eve!

     Christmas is about the magic of Love. “Unto this world a savior was born”, I believe that too. As a boy, Santa filled my imagination, but as an adult, I realized that Santa is more of the magic of Love in action! I know my stable is a wonderful, magical place, at midnight on Christmas Eve.  The Peace and Love found there, lives in my heart all year 😮

   I will close with a quote from Dale Evans who said, “Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” 

   As for me and grandma … We Believe!