Too Shy
January 18, 2015, 7:56 pm
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Hello little fellow

Hello little fellow

January 18, 2015

After a cold first half of the month along with a sore back, things at Riceland are returning to normal. A new calf was born just before the New Year. He is a shy little guy who hides behind his mom every chance he gets. After just two weeks, he is strong, very healthy and can run like a deer. He started out slow and small, but there is toughness in his spirit…and tenderness in his genes.

Winter work is good work. It is done under cool conditions, many times below zero, and often inside. The manure clean upĀ is a daily job as is feeding. A guy once told me that to stop the manure clean up job… just quit feeding them šŸ˜® I suppose he may be right, but not the least bit serious!

I am still working on the wood cutting and splitting at the big tree. Maple syrup season is just a month away. We are starting to prepare for that job too. Old man winter will soon be losingĀ his icy grip, but he sure squeezed tight a week ago. Oh well, we will like the warm days even more after being in the deep freeze.

Two small bulls need castrated as well as a few baby boar piglets. Those jobs will be done very soon… Then that little guy really will be …”two” shy!