Sod Waterway works even in Winter


December 30, 2016

The other evening while doing chores, I got to admire one of my farming practices. This little intermittent stream winds its way through my recently planted speltz field. I was careful when planting and doing the field preparation to keep this sensitive area intact. The grass, even this late in the year, filters any topsoil that might otherwise wash into the nearby watershed. This is good farm stewardship and I am proud to do it.

It is by paying attention to small details that makes good economic sense. My soil stays where in belongs. The nutrients also stay with the newly planted crop instead of washing into the stream that makes up the eastern border of our farm. It is also pretty to look at any time of year. The bright green of the fresh grass against the newly fallen snow, brightens our landscape. So we reap the benefits of good crops, a great view and that of being a good steward.

I suggest putting environmental concerns at the top of your list as a small farmer, land owner or caretaker. The rewards will last long after you are gone from this Earth. The effects of good stewardship benefit people unknown to you , as well as, your closest neighbors. Best of all, your farm and your bottom line will reflect your efforts.

November 6, 2015, 9:23 pm
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Protecting a stream bed

Protecting a stream bed

November 6, 2015

In my off farm job, I provide a buffer from upper management to the workforce. I have been in that job for a very long time. It is an important function to be the one who keeps communication flowing up, as well as down. It is a rough spot sometimes when each side gets frustrated with the other. I really feel the squeeze now and then. Lucky for me I have this farm to relieve my stress, heal my mind and settle my soul. In fact, I think it’s good for all of us  😮

When I think about buffering, I think more about how to reduce the impact of farming on the environment. My farming is small compared to some, but my farming practices are just as important. I want to be a good steward to my animals, but also to the land and especially the water. Erosion, even in a small way, is a problem that needs ample consideration…if you don’t think so, read about the dust bowl of the 1930’s.

I also want my dollars to stay on the fields where I put them, instead of running off into a nearby stream. I don’t buy much fertilizer, but I still want it to feed the crop and not the algae in the water! I also don’t want to fill my farm ponds in with mud and silt. I want the woodland streams that traverse my farm to be clean and healthy. I feel it is my job to protect what I have been given to use. Let’s be real, it is only mine for a short time. I will pass, but hopefully, my ideals will live on, in the minds and practices of my children and grandchildren.

If each of us does just a little part to protect the land, the water and each other. Our world will continue to be a pretty darn good place to live. Ask yourself, “What can I do better?” It may be simple like holding a door, picking up some trash or offering a sad person a smile. I guarantee you will feel better. In the end, isn’t that what life is about? Feeling good, doing good and setting an example for those in line behind us, is a way of buffering our impact upon this world….it’s the little things that matter.