Our Little Girls
September 18, 2022, 9:16 pm
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September 18, 2022

Our three little fillies, curious as all get out, growing well and enjoying our best pastures. Bree is two, Grace is one and our little Maggee is now weaned. They are the three amigos .

They like to play in the water. They love to be handled and petted. They are a joy to be around.

There is power in this photo and only 2, 1 and weaned. My heart is happy! Our future looks bright for sure.

Bree has begun her training in harness. She is learning well. We are still training a few others to finish them off. I like them broke quiet to respond to voice and line pressure. I want them to always feel safe and under control. They are ambassadors for our farm. They represent us well and I want to make sure that tradition continues.

Our Fillies Are Growing!

June 13, 2022

The photo above is of Bree of Riceland Meadows. She just turned 2 in April. She is filling out and growing well. Her training has started. We plan to be driving her single by the end of the week. She is a good girl with a great mind. She recently starred in a video of getting her harness fitted. The video will appear in an upcoming Rural Heritage show on RFD-TV.

This is a picture of out two fillies side by side. Riceland Meadows Amazing Grace is in the foreground. She just turned a year old in April. She is gaining on her older pasture mate quickly. In height they are very close, but Bree is a chunkier gal. The breeding lines are a bit different, but both fillies will make good workhorses and great broodmares.

The girls are growing and filling out nicely. They are fast friends who don’t stray far from each other. The green grass is sure doing them good. It is fun watching them grow. They were both born here on the farm. Grace’s full sister Miss Maggee, is still nursing on mom and will be for a couple more months. She to is growing like a weed too.

Haymaking is starting, weather permitting. Watch for Bree pulling the hay rake by late summer. We are blessed in this life we choose!

Six More Weeks
February 3, 2022, 3:27 pm
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February 3, 2022

The groundhog says six more weeks of winter. I don’t really mind. The sunny day we had a couple days ago, makes winter very nice. Grace, (looking at the camera) and her buddy Bree, enjoyed a fun day of romping in the sunshine.

We always say a farmer should have half his wood and half his hay on groundhog day. I am pleased to report that we do! Winter finally came to us in January. It came in full force. We got a big snowstorm dropping over two feet of snow on us after a very cold couple of weeks prior to that. The cold froze the ground for the first time in a few years. Oh how we love “God’s concrete”.

Bree, (now looking at the camera), will soon start her harness training. She will turn two in April. These little girls both have April birthdays, turning one and two respectively. Grace is still being taught the little things like, leading, trailer loading, feet handling and strange noises. She does very well. Bree has a little bit of her momma’s attitude, but yields easily with consistent, patient training methods.

We look towards the calendar and the weather as our maple season looms. Each day we get a little closer to being ready. Today, we are patiently waiting out a winter storm. We are plowing snow and tending the stock. I am also working on a few writing projects. It is all good here, after all we have six more weeks of winter!