A Swarm in May, Worth a Load of Hay!
May 6, 2023, 6:09 pm
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May 6, 2023

This day started out like I had two left feet. I was planning to head to a plowing match but everything would not cooperate. I finally threw my hands up and surrendered the day to God. There must be a reason that all my plans had a wrinkle in them?!

After finishing chores and taking care of a thousand little things, everything started to fall into place. Many jobs that I had neglected over the last rainy week, got accomplished. I am a bit sad to have missed the plow day, but I feel much better now.

Late this afternoon I captured this swarm of honey bees. It is my first one of the year. It is a dandy too, almost 5 pounds of bees. I managed to catch the queen in my first attempt. I got her into a small hive with about half of the bees on the post. It is easy to get a swarm that is hanging off a limb, but a 360 degree post with bees all in the woven wire too, is a big challenge! I swept a second bucket of bees off the post and shook them at the hive entrance. In about fifteen minutes, 90% of the bees had entered the hive. In another half hour they had all entered their new home.

It was a beautiful day. This team in the foreground hauled all the sap this year. They are soaking up the sun and nibbling some grass. I think they enjoyed the day too! Especially since they didn’t have to pull the plow for my “fun”.