Comfort Food
May 15, 2016, 8:20 am
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May 15, 2016

This morning’s temperature is in the lower thirties. I put the summer annual flowers inside last night. The horses spent the cold rainy night in the barn. The sow herd was all snug in deep bedding. The cattle and sheep were tucked into quiet groves of pine trees. I was dressed in flannel and all of us were wondering where the heck spring went?

When the temperature drops, even after a couple of days of almost 80 degrees F, food seems to make us all feel warmer. The animals all get a little bit more grain. I eat a few more potatoes…in any style, but love mashed best! The comfort of warm food and a warm bed on a cold night, has got to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

The horses continue to shed their winter coats. I have been working steady helping them rid themselves of it. My clothes smell of horse dander, mud and perhaps a little manure. I laugh because when I am working on them, I just smell the nice smell of “horse”, but when I grab them to dress in the morning all I smell is the manure part coming through! So, I take “clothes” off the horses and change mine daily too!

Our new to us filly “Abby” continues to fit in. She has a ways to go, but we are making great progress. She too gets a daily brushing as we work to shine her up. She loves the attention as I use the time to introduce her to clippers, harness and all things new. She is kept safe as I introduce these things to her slowly, yet steadily. I want her to know, that as long as I am there, she is fine. The “boogyman” won’t hurt her…even if he does sound loud or buzz like a bee.


Abby is cleaning up good. She will match up to my boys very well. She has to finish growing and learn all sorts of stuff, but she is doing well. Last night, in a warm dry stall, dining on a scoop of farm raised speltz and a manger full of hay, she found the same comfort on this farm that I enjoy. The kind that makes you want to be here, more than any other place on Earth.

Double Tie Stall is Complete
April 27, 2016, 7:48 am
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April 27, 2016

After a stretch of night shifts and two half days, I have completed the new double tie stall. This was a box stall. I repurposed two old stall mats that once were an old conveyor belt for my floor. The rubber softens the concrete floor. The concrete floor slopes to the back so urine flows away from the horse’s bed. The three inch curb is just right to stop the shovel when cleaning the stall. It also allows a place for manure to drop into between cleanings.

The swinging stall divider is simply made. It is to help train our new filly to stay mostly in her new space. The divider hangs from a stout rope. The rope is just in case something happens unexpectedly, I can cut the rope in a flash and keep the animal from injuring itself. This training aid will probably go away in the future, but for now it will keep her on her side of the bed.

The stall front and sides were constructed out of native pin oak. Pin oak is a very hardwood. I had to drill starter holes for my nails and screws. The overall size of the stall is ten foot by twelve foot. The manger is just over two feet wide. the place where the horses stand is roughly five feet by seven feet. The seven feet encourages them to back up to poop, keeping their beds clean.

The tie rail in the front is well supported. It is also made from two inch thick pin oak.  The mangers are deep for hay with a nice place for their grain to go. The stall is well lit with a tall ceiling. It will be a great place for the new horse to call home.