See Gull
July 13, 2014, 11:54 am
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Sea Gulls gather in my experimental field.

Sea Gulls gather in my experimental field.

July 13, 2014

This morning I was greeted by a field full of sea gulls. They seemed to be checking out my experimental field of buckwheat and oats. The young field must have been home to some yummy insects, I guess. The birds stayed quite awhile. I hope they ate their fill.

My crazy work schedule made me miss this last window for making dry hay. I focused instead on mowing our pastures, cultivating corn and working from my to do list. Mowing the pastures is the single best thing I do for them. I get ahead of weeds, promote growth in the new grass and make young lush feed for my animals…. Perhaps I even make feed for sea gulls by chasing bugs out of the tall grass!

Corn cultivating was much needed. The horses and I fought the greenhead flies and their awful bites, as we tried to get ahead of the weeds. This job too would have been better done over a week ago, but work and the weather allowed the weeds to get a jump start on us.

Summer is here. The mid-season flowers are in full bloom. It is a wonderful time of year. The cool evenings of late have been enjoyed by all of us farm critters. It seems even the biting flies take a couple of hours off to rest and enjoy the peaceful, cool time….. I know I do!

Much better than last year's!

Much better than last year’s!

And the Rains Came
June 18, 2014, 9:35 pm
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Storm clouds loom in the southeastern sky

Storm clouds loom in the southeastern sky

June 18, 2014

After a couple of grueling days in the tractor seat, I beat the rain and got four acres of sorghum/Sudan grass planted. The rain chased me to the house, but the seed had all been planted 😮

It has been a very busy two days. I am pressed a bit, but making progress. I had to catch up, so no horse time on this job, but soon we will be in the hay fields, with the horses supplying the power.

I have been moving the cows every day to the horse pasture. The multi specie grazing makes use of the grass best this way. The cows eat what the horses leave. Soon we will mow the pasture to stimulate grass regrowth. The mowing also knocks back the weeds.

The cows are tonight, grazing the wooded pasture where the goats have been. Just like the horses, the goats leave lots of good grass for the cows to enjoy.

It has been a good two days too. The corn is peeking through the soil, the lambs are growing and the hay looks great. The rains are welcomed as is the little bit of rest that comes with it…although, there is always manure to take care of my down time!