Woodshed Full :o)


October 15, 2017

I engaged some man sized help from my neighbor boys and in just three hours, we finished filling the woodshed. This will boil the 2018 maple sap crop. A full woodshed, filled with drying wood, many months before it will be needed, is an awesome thing!

Using good dry seasoned wood increases the BTU’s when burned, producing a very hot fire. A very hot fire is just what is needed when boiling maple sap… or heating a home. Honestly, firewood should be cut a year ahead of when it will be burned for best results. I pile the logs all winter long for the next years wood. I slowly, yet steadily, start filling the woodshed as soon as the maple season ends.

This year, having had my knee replaced, made work take a bit longer but it did get done. As I look around the farm, with winter looming, I am satisfied that I will have everything done before the snow flies. It took lots of family and friends and I am thankful for each and every one of them!

Frozen In My Tracks
November 20, 2014, 7:45 pm
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Sugarhouse dipped in snow

Sugarhouse dipped in snow

November 20, 2014

It has been a cold last few days. Today was no exception. The thermometer said 24 F, but the wind made it feel much colder. I was in the work fast, drink hot beverage, pee a lot, mode all day! It was cold on hands and face, body not too bad, but fingers made up for it. Gloves on all day, but when they had to come off to do something, these poor old fingers felt it.

Two neighborhood young men came today to help me move a pile of rubble. The rubble will one day be a big hump in the woods. That big hump will provide an unloading zone for maple sap. I can unload by gravity, then pump the sap to the sugarhouse. This project may take me a year to complete, but the base has been made. It was a cold day to do it, but I am glad that it is done.

I still have the corn to pick, but worked for a while this afternoon on firewood. I need to get some loads to a man in the town where I grew up. I want to ease his mind. I did get at least two loads, perhaps three, dragged to my splitting area. Now, I just need a couple hours to work it all up…hopefully Monday. I thought that I’d get a good start on it today, but rubble moving then chores took most of my time…I guess I spent the rest of it….getting rid of all those hot beverages 😮