Wood You Believe We Finally Got Sap!
March 19, 2015, 8:31 pm
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wood shed showing our slow year

wood shed showing our slow year

March 19, 2015

Today we got a nice run of maple sap. We gathered over 600 gallons, finishing just before dark. The days ahead look good. Even though our season is later than usual, it is finally starting to kick into gear! The wood shed is starting to go down and will need filling by seasons end, but it’s holding out well for now.

The horses are a little soft from our extreme winter and lack of hard work. They are taking it in stride so far. I give them plenty of breaks and extra feed. I worry some about the first big maple sap┬árun on a warm day. They still have their winter coats on. No shedding in sight. I suppose it will be like the sap, slow at first then “bam” off it comes.

Those warm hairy days of spring are coming. I eat plenty, spit out as much as possible and curry comb till my arms hurt. It’s worth it. The horses are grateful and bonding comes easy during that time. Now, I mostly just clean manure and mud from their coats, but soon all that dead hair will be falling out….yep spring!

The Beauty Around Us
October 5, 2014, 11:11 am
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Back porch mums

Back porch mums

October 5, 2014

In my rush to catch up on chores, get speltz planted and come up with a plan for wood cutting, I have almost missed some very pretty things. The mums around the back porch are in full bloom. The leaves on the trees are starting to turn color and the corn is fading from bright green to golden harvest brown. The animals are in great condition from the green grass. Their coats shine in the sun and in the meadows, red clover and goldenrod bloom in a blaze of color.

Even the farm looks good with it’s patchwork of fields. The green pastures never faded this year because of the rains. The hayfields are lush as they await the coming frost. The recently planted speltz fields provide a dark contrast in the neat landscape. The wood line border awash in autumn color gives the scene a final touch….and to think that I almost missed it!

My main focus this week will be on cutting wood. I want to finish that job before the weather shuts me down. I don’t mind working at it in the winter, as long as it for a coming year and not the year we are in! I have a few friends coming next week to share a days labor. I want as many logs stacked up as I can get. Five men can make a whopper pile of cut and split wood in no time!

One last job that I have a keen eye on is the job of bringing in my corn. I want to shock some for use later this winter. The rest will get picked once it dries down enough to store on the cob in my crib. Sure, there is still plenty to do to keep me busy, but today I will putter around, rest up and enjoy the sights around me…maybe I’ll even get to see a grandchild or two ­čś«